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Will.I.Am Throws His Wrist Into the Smartwatch Ring

Will.I.Am Throws His Wrist Into the Smartwatch Ring

Smartwatches have become all the latest rage, but the current buzz is that their popularity may be relatively short-lived due to their dependence on a smart phone connection in order to perform. Depending on the exact brand and type, display size may or may not provide enough space to view all of the information desired on existing Bluetooth-ready models.

On April 4, 2014, Will.I.Am announced on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” that he has launched his own company, focused on developing and releasing his own new smartwatch. Will.I.Am revealed his prototype during the show, though he had previously worn one on “The Voice BBC.” Knowing that numerous other brands, styles, and options already exist in the marketplace, what would have prompted Will.I.Am to dive in? He and his cutting-edge cohorts took what already was and advanced the idea even further.

Will.I.Am’s smartwatch is certainly among the hottest of hot in current wearable technology advancements, but whether or not his unique brand can salvage the music industry—a question posed by Carr—remains to be seen. Upon the launch planned for mid-summer this year, his product will quickly be jockeying for position against SmartWatch News’ “Best Smartwatch of 2014” lineup: Pebble Smartwatch, Martian Smartwatch, i’m Watch, Sony Smartwatch 2, and Connectedevice Cookoo Smartwatch.

This particular smart device has been in research and development stages and kept under wraps for approximately three years by the company he started and solely funded with his own money. Will.I.Am noted that his smartwatch is not an enhancement of any other company’s existing product. “It came from me and my futuristic friends,” he stated. Will.I.Am provided an excellent product description to Alan Carr in saying, “With this device, I don’t carry my phone anymore. This is my phone.”

Will.I.Am went on to tell Carr that his smartwatch is not a connected device dependent upon a smart phone. Because of this, he feels his device is optimal for workout enthusiasts who do not enjoy getting tangled up in wired ear buds, or even the awkwardness of Bluetooth headphones.

This wearable technological advancement is free-standing and operates as its own telephone call making smart device. Along with calling capability, Will.I.Am’s smartwatch also supports popular apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to name just a few.

The true functionality and success of Will.I.Am’s smartwatch remains to be seen, but addressing the most common complaints lodged against existing smartwatches, such as battery drain, size, weight, comfort, stylishness, and durability, will be the absolute test once his product hits the market. Though the sample product that Will.I.Am modeled on the show for Carr appeared all black in color, it isn’t unimaginable that this line would be marketed in a wide variety of fashionable colors. Perhaps interchangeable watchbands or decorative faceplates would be offered at an additional purchase price.

Will.I.Am ended his time on Alan Carr’s show by sharing that he is indeed still making music independently and has future projects planned with Black Eyed Peas.


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