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Raymond Weil Has a New CEO

While a change in management can be a great change of pace, it does not always go over smoothly. However, earlier this week Raymond Weil announced that the brand founder’s grandson, Elie Bernheim, would be taking over in the position of chief executive officer. Bernheim’s father, Olivier Bernheim is the third generation of the famous family to head the Swiss watch company. The younger Bernheim joined the company in 2006 shortly after graduating from Hospitality Management School of Lausanne.

Raymond Weil Parsifal

He brings with him expertise in the family tradition of watchmaking as well as marketing and company management skills that make him perfect for the position. Before adopting the position of Chief Executive Officer, Bernheim helped the company by developing and optimizing global strategy for Raymond Weil. In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer, he will remain the head of the company’s marketing department.

The company, that has long been known for their skilled craft and outstanding management is eager to see how they can grow under the experienced and bright eyed hand of Elie Bernheim. The company will no doubt retain much of their current organization for a time as Bernheim becomes better acclimated to the running and operation of the company. In most cases, it is best to keep management of such a large and austere company like Raymond Weil under the hand of family. Not only is Bernheim destined to be a leader that is concerned with the success of the company, but also with the reputation that he and his family have cultivated over the years.

The brand has undergone some massive changes in the past but as always has remained one of the world’s most influential and top of the line watch brands. Raymond Weil is also one of the last family owned Swiss watchmaking companies and was founded in 1976. Much of the inspiration for the designs of the company come from music. The names of two prominent lines are Nabucco and Parsifal, both taken from famous operas. The brand also holds a number of partnerships with concert halls, awards in music, online music platforms, and charitable activities that are linked to the music world. While music was one of the main influences of the company at the start, their involvement with the music world has only grown and flourished as the company grew in both name and notoriety.

The company is sure to note that Elie Bernheim, whose mother is a professional concert pianist, also has a passion for music and will continue to allow music to influence the design and marketing of the company. In addition to his duties with Raymond Weil, Elie Bernheim also started a cheaper watch brand called 88 Rue du Rhone that offers more affordable watches that have much of the same style and beauty of the watches offered by Raymond Weil. Only time will truly tell if the change of power is the right move for Raymond Weil but at this juncture, all signs point to success as the company moves forward in an effort to not only grow as a company, but as a family owned business that is devoted to excellence.

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