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Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil Geneve is one of the last independent brands in the Swiss Luxury Watch Industry. Still ran by members of the family, Raymond Weil watches was founded by Raymond Weil in 1976. Raymond Weil watches is now headed by CEO Olivier Bernheim. Son-in-law of founder, Raymond Weil, Bernheim started working with the company in 1982. By 1996, Bernheim became CEO and has been working on the brand image for the corporation since.

Raymond Weil Watches became popular in the UK years before it was known in the United States. Having a number of barriers-of-entry in the industry at the time the company was established has helped Raymond Weil become one of the only independent, strongest watchmakers in the luxury sector.

The Raymond Weil Brand uses an advertising slogan “Precision is my inspiration.”

Since 2011, Raymond Weil has launched their new Jasmine collection and developers have finished the creation of the brand’s first moon phase complication movement.

Although Raymond Weil timepieces are considered part of the luxury sector, the prices are considerably less than most luxury brands. Offering simple and elegant styles, Raymond Weil watches certainly appeal to the masses.

Check out this simple Pre-owned Raymond Weil Stainless Steel Watch. This men’s style wristwatch features elegant and simplistic design that is fit for the boardroom or the boat!

This Raymond Weil Flemenco-style 2-tone ladies watch is not only full of features, but sporty, too! The Flemenco collection from Raymond Weil is one of the ideal collections for women from the designer.

Check out all of the fantastic collections that Raymond Weil has to offer: The Tango Collection, Don Giovanni timepieces, and even a gorgeous Parsifal Mother of Pearl watch found here.


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