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Tips for Selling Gold Coins

Tips for Selling Gold Coins

You have some gold coins, either left to you or that you have collected. You feel that now may be the time to sell. Where do you go to get maximum value with the least risk? There are people willing to take advantage of you. Let’s take a look at some things you should know and what options you have.

Online auctions sites. Sites like Ebay and others can get a reasonable return but there is the risk of non-payment or bad feedback. In addition there is the hassle of listing, photography, and shipping. You could do well with online auction sites but at what risk/effort?

Pawn Shops. These types of services are not your best venue for getting the best out of your gold coins. Pawn shops may serve a purpose but selling gold coins to them is not one of them. They will offer a very low amount of money compared to real value.

“Buying Gold” Storefronts. These stores are more famous for their sign-spinners than anything else. They will buy your gold coins for below market value and resell them to be melted. They have no interest in their collectible value.

Craigslist. Selling gold coins to a stranger in a parking lot for cash? Probably not a good idea.

Your best bet for selling gold coins will be to an established jeweler/coin reseller. These companies will understand the value of your coins beyond the melt value. They likely have a list of customers interested in your coins and can offer you more, because they have a ready market.

If you want to sell gold Boca Raton, contact us. We will offer you more than other buyers because we have an exclusive clientele willing to buy them. Consider us before any other of your options when selling your gold coins.


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