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Gold Coin Jewelry

Coin jewelry has always been popular with men and women, not only because of its variety but due to its timeless, classy look. Men tend to choose tie bars, cuff links and money clips. Women favor earrings, anklets and necklaces. Gold and silver U.S. coins from the early 1900s make the best coin jewelry, but…
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Tips for Selling Gold Coins

You have some gold coins, either left to you or that you have collected. You feel that now may be the time to sell. Where do you go to get maximum value with the least risk? There are people willing to take advantage of you. Let’s take a look at some things you should know…
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Are Bitcoins Ruining the Price of Gold?

You have probably heard at least something about Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a finite, world-wide currency that that were initially used mainly for underground transactions. Their value is simply based on what people are willing to pay for, or trade for them. In their relatively short lifespan they have seen some volatile swings in prices. As…
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