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It’s Wedding Wednesday, and for us, that means sharing the joy of the big day with our soon to be (fingers crossed!) RLJ brides, and those who are already admiring their new engagement rings on the daily. And, whenever we get the chance, we love to share tips and tricks too. While checking out wedding inspiration and gorgeous bridesmaids dresses is always fun, the biggest stresses of planning a wedding come from creating and sticking to the budget. But in order to even have a budget in the first place, all that money has to come from somewhere! Once you’ve gotten over that hump (arguably the largest) you’re on to the next one – how to stick to this (I) Do or Die figure. Well, self restraint will get you at least as far as your first catering appointment. You might faint when you realize their prices are per-appetizer-per-person – but there are better ways to save money on your wedding than by monitoring cocktail hour with an eagle eye, slapping mini brie en croute out of Grandma’s hands. In fact, today’s handy info graphic shares a few ideas on how to get thrift for your wedding, and then take it up a notch to even thriftier.

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