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Ramping Up on Jewelry for the Holidays

Ramping Up on Jewelry for the Holidays

While it may feel like an Indian summer outside in many regions, the signs of Fall are starting to make themselves known, and that means the Fall and Winter holidays are well on their way. For those who plan ahead, there are a number of luxury jewelry items available now that could make great gifts for a loved one come the special day on the calendar. Here are some of the early standouts to consider:

  • The Mastolini Exclusive Double-Strand Tahitian Pearl Necklace – Created in almost metallic gray but with all-natural pearls, this Mastolini creation is a standout. The double-strand design makes it a strong jewelry piece that will definitely be eye-catching at any gathering. Whether it be a warm Christmas dinner or a Thanksgiving surprise, this subtle but majestic necklace will be the eye of the party. Expect the Mastolini necklace to retail around $42,500.


  • The Bizzoto Venetian Rose Widows Earrings – These earrings are not distinct to any particular holiday but they will generate wonder and questions when worn. The unique style is unlike most earrings on the market, and the detailed work evokes quality in every setting when worn. A set will retail under $9,000 but prices might go up with the shopping season.


  • Bulgari Watches – For the man in the family a Bulgari wrist watch is always a good bet, and there are some very nice choices available for 2014. The Bulgari Bulgari model is a simple design with a black face plate, a matching black leather wristband, and deep sit ivory numbers an analog time display. This traditional design retails for approximately $6,600. A white backplate set in an 18k gold case will provide the same style watch for a higher end price point of $18,800. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more metallic wrist band look, the same watch can be had with a metal band and retails for a bit more at $7,250.


  • Cartier’s Amulette Collection – Going for an exotic choice, Cartier has the Amulette collection which is a series of 10 necklaces that evoke an ancient Egyptian symbolic theme. The design involves a simplistic necklace chain that then holds and carries the Amullete as a deep center going forward when worn. The necklace can be had in white gold and diamonds at $10,500, with pink gold and onyx bordered by diamonds at $14,300, or with deep yellow gold and a flurry of diamonds on an onyx backplate at $75,000 plus.


Whatever the holidays may bring in family events, these items above are a few of the many choices available in luxury lines. Those shopping early can take advantage of the low crowd demand now to pick out some of the best selections available, beating the shopping season and securing cherished gifts for loved ones. That then leaves plenty of time for enjoying the holidays instead of fighting the traffic at the last minute to get the same gift months later. The holidays should be cherished, so plan ahead early.



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