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Picking the Right Men’s Watch for the Time of Day

Picking the Right Men’s Watch for the Time of Day

Watches are a type of jewelry just like any other piece worn. Both men and women can enjoy a variety of watches with a good selection, and some pieces stand out far better for the day time at the office versus the nighttime out on on the town. Selecting the right one can augment an outfit and personal presentation, especially when being seen matters. Here are some items that are sure to raise eyebrows in a positive manner at specific times of the day.

The Rolex GMT Master II watch is a great time piece to have for day use. This blue-bordered analog watch provides an owner with a classic watch look that’s easy to read when on the fly moving from meeting to meeting. Couple the design with a strong metallic band, and this Rolex is going to stay in place for years, serving dutifully during the work day. The Rolex Master GMT II watch will retail for just under $9,200 in most vendor locations.

GMT master II

The Tudor Pelagos is more of a night watch. It assumes the owner already knows where the numbers are on an analog face, so the position of time is all that is needed. Designed to be both function as a dive watch as well as fashionable, this time piece is going to glow in the dark with distinct quality and maturity, but it will still stay strong enough to remain on the wrist during a fast-moving night going from venue to venue. The Pelagos will retail at a bit of a lower price point, selling at just under $4,200.

Clearly, anything named after a Pink Floyd album is not going to be the kind of time piece one wears during the day during a board meeting. That may very well be the case with the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. This watch is all about dark. In fact both the watch backing plate as well as the wristband are made of dark, black ceramic to make the point obvious. However, it doesn’t come across cheap. The Speedmaster looks like the kind of watch that James Bond would have on his wrist bolting out of a high stakes casino with girl in one arm and a 9mm shooting from the other hand at the bad guys chasing him. To be like your favorite spymaster or just enjoy a really snappy looking night watch, the Omega Speedmaster Dark will retail at about $12,000.

Now if a buyer just wants to be different and have a watch that works in either setting, then you might want to consider the Romain Jerome Day & Night watch. This piece is designed to operate two different mechanisms that represent the day time and the night time. There is no analog or digital display with numbers. Instead, the day mechanism runs during the daylight hours, and the night mechanism takes over in the evening and wee hours. The unit has a visual array of mechanics moving inside, but you won’t be able to tell time to the minute with it. For $300,000 you too can have a watch that is literally confusing and useless but makes a great talking piece.


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