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Picking the Right Men’s Watch for the Time of Day

Watches are a type of jewelry just like any other piece worn. Both men and women can enjoy a variety of watches with a good selection, and some pieces stand out far better for the day time at the office versus the nighttime out on on the town. Selecting the right one can augment an…
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The Most Expensive Rolex Ever: Rolex GMT Master Ice

Welcome, Redditors! If ice for miles isn’t your style, check out some of our more…subdued watches here. You can also might enjoy some of our other most popular posts: How to Spot a Fake Rolex Milgauss How to Spot a Fake Cartier Love Bangle The Difference Between the New Model & Old Model Cartier Love Bangle You…
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Watch of the Week: Rolex GMT-Master II 116713

This week’s watch feature is another one of those Ceramic Bezel Rolex watches we can’t get enough of. The GMT Master II 116713 gets a sporty update in black Cerachrom and yellow markers. The Bezel’s gold edges meet the sporty dial half way to luxe before bridging the difference between it and the classy two…
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14K White Gold Diamond and Emerald Cluster Ring

Election Day is Tomorrow, We’ll Keep You On Time for the Polls

While anonymous is trying to ensure that no one forgets it’s the 5th of November, tomorrow’s election day is the big date we need to remember remember. Donkey or elephant, red or blue, wherever you land on the political spectrum (or the electoral college map, for that matter), there’s one thing we can all agree…
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Enamel Owl Pin

Watch of the Week: The Rolex GMT Master II 116713

We’re told you before that a ceramic bezel Rolex is a necessity (right up there with food, water, air, etc.) And a ceramic bezel Sub is a great place to start –  sleek, stylish, and a fun updated on a classic. But if you truly want to take it to the next level, allow us…
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Rolex Ceramic Bezel Submariner

  There are millions of watches on the market, but if there were a watch style to reside on the mountain peak of luxury, a Rolex ceramic bezel watch would be above all. Though every Rolex watch is awe inspiring, a Rolex ceramic bezel is not only a watch but is a status symbol that…
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