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For centuries, coral has been known as the “garden of the sea”. Corals and pearls are incredibly valuable and beautiful natural gemstones harvested from the sea. Corals represent the accumulation of polyp skeletons. Polyps are small-size living animals that form limestone communities (also known as reefs).
Coral embellishments are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, including pink, black, yellow and white. Nonetheless, red is the most sought-after shade, due to its incredible intensity, unique charm and potentially healing powers.
Interesting Facts about Coral Jewelry
Coral jewelry pieces are meaningful declarations of style on their own. They don’t need clever marketing strategies to raise the interest of a large segment of prospects. However, there are a few interesting facts about this type of accessories that always stimulate new categories of buyers to invest in such decorative items. For instance, the first coral-based masterpieces were designed hundreds of years ago. Artisans firmly believed that red coral came from Mars and represented one of the most important components of the interior structure of this planet.
Corals were used to create a wide range of decorative objects, used to prevent ill fortune and protect the wearer from bad luck in the long term. Necklaces made from corals have been incredibly popular for centuries in a row; its wearers thought that such necklaces could protect them against several skin diseases. Despite the fact that these ancient beliefs are now long forgotten, coral jewelry still preserves its symbolic meaning and represents a powerful aid for visualization and relaxing meditation.
Coral is a symbol of blood force and life. Pink coral is considered a reliable cure for emotional imbalances (anxiety, depression). At the same time, red coral jewelry represents a powerful ally enabling people to improve blood flow. Due to their health benefits and their natural beauty, coral jewelry elements are still catalogued as hot must-haves and represent a smart long-term investment. They don’t cost a fortune and can easily boost the appeal of any kind of outfit.
How to Find the Perfect Coral Jewelry
Coral jewelry is interesting, fun to wear and in some cases, quite affordable, compared to different substitutes of similar value. For these reasons, millions of people (mostly women, but also men) are looking for one-of-a-kind, accessible, insanely attractive coral elements associated with precious metals, such as silver, white gold, yellow gold and even platinum. Since it is such a versatile material, coral can be found in different ingenious combinations that will always manage to turn heads.
The key is to find the perfect jewelry piece that truly represents you. To identify the ideal one, you have to judge every single candidate in terms of design feature, value, color, shape, model and durability. Of course, the selection process can be quite tiresome and time-consuming. To make an inspired decision in a timely fashion, just check out the fantastic selection of coral jewelry offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers. Here you will find both new and pre-owned wearable works of art, tailored to your unique needs, demands and financial possibilities.
Discover Rare Coral Jewelry Suitable for any Occasion
Coral reserves are now scarce, because of the extensive, irresponsible exploitation of this valuable material. This is one of the main reasons why modern coral jewelry is now so expensive. Luckily, if you are a big fan of high-quality vintage jewelry displaying superior craftsmanship and an original design, you can contemplate and buy some of the most extraordinary coral pieces offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers, your number one provider of first-hand estate jewelry, diamond jewelry and designer jewelry.
Here every embellishment has a unique story and a particular charm that will put you under a powerful spell at a first glance. The 14k Yellow Gold Coral and Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings is only a first example, used to illustrate the natural beauty of coral jewelry and its incredible power of seduction. These vintage earrings are perfect for a pretentious cocktail party and can turn any women into the queen of the night.
When you require a personal touch to transform a rather dull dress into an influential fashion statement, these earrings lend a helping hand. You don’t really need any other kind of embellishments to make a grand entrance and shine bright during the event. This accessory is interesting enough to help you turn heads effortlessly.
Corals can be easily mounted on high-value metals like sterling silver, gold and platinum and associated with other colorful gemstones, like rubies, diamonds, amethysts, and emeralds for instance.
Corals are utilized on a large scale to create a great variety of premium accessories, including rings. Raymond Lee Jewelers offers you the chance to purchase an attention-grabbing coral ring, made of corals and 18k gold.
This timelessly elegant piece will certainly be admired and worn with pride by more than one generation of jewelry lovers. Its vintage design, minimalist style and neutral colors are its most important attributes appreciated by passionate connoisseurs. Due to these characteristics, this valuable ring can be worn on a daily basis, and can be also mixed and matched with a wide range of accessories of similar value.
If you want to stumble across unique or limited-edition jewelry pieces that enchant your eye and stimulate your interest and your curiosity, don’t expect to find them at the mall. In case you are looking for first-class estate and designer jewelry matching your very own uniqueness and intriguing sense of style, get the best items from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your one stop shop for high-value embellishments.
Here you will find all sorts of new and pre-owned accessories tailored to your taste, personal preference and financial possibilities. The coral jewelry elements currently available online display the highest quality standards and the most amazing design particularities that you could ever hope to find. Natural gemstones of different colors, shapes and sizes are only a few clicks away. Visit the online store and spot the one which is just right for you or

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