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The New J12 Will Be Released By Chanel in Switzerland on March 27

The New J12 Will Be Released By Chanel in Switzerland on March 27

On March 27, Chanel will unveil the latest ultra feminine version of the iconic J12 watch at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland. The changes in this highly anticipated new model are subtle, but they make the watch appear more feminine and exquisite.

What Makes The New J12 So Feminine?

A 36.5mm diameter, in comparison to the 38mm of the previous J12. The smaller width makes the watch appear dainty.

Beige Gold accents on the ceramic. This shade of beige gold is developed exclusively by Chanel, and brings to mind sand, honey, and earth tones, despite being a watch line inspired by the moon. A grand balance of Terra-Luna is unique in this line.

Stylish options including white ceramic or black ceramic with steel or beige gold with or without diamond inlay. The diamond inlay adds an additional layer of glam to the already stunning watch.

The defining characteristics remain the same, the band is still made of innovative ceramic, and face is still round like the full moon. The smooth fluid mechanics that Chanel luxury watches are known for remain, with the addition of a mechanical self-winding movement and a two-day power reserve.

What Is In A Name?

According to Chanel’s international watch director Nicolas Beau, the name of the new J12 is J12-365 to represent the idea of the woman wearing the watch year round, and as an echo of the diameter (36.5). The dainty J12-365 may appear more feminine than some of the other J12’s but the quality is still Chanel and it will stand up to daily wear all year round as reliably as the larger J12 watches. This watch is meant to be worn daily not set out of sight in a jewelry box for special occasions.

Chanel’s J12 Has Become Iconic in Just 15 Years

The first J12 was launched in 1999 and has been a success ever since. There are many versions of this luxury watch to fit any style. Including the more manly Rétrograde Mystérieuse Tourbillon in black with visible gears and a 10 day power reserve, and the stunning J12 White in gold with diamond inlays to represent each side of the extremes of this line.

Chanel’s J12 catches the eye of many jet-setters and Hollywood hotties. Actresses including Scarlett Johansson, Kiera Knightly, Mila Kunis, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, and Nikki Minaj have all been photographed wearing the J12. Interestingly, the same watch has been seen on the beach worn by the bikini clad, as an accessory to jeans, sun dresses, and worn with red carpet glam wear. It appears that fans of the watch already viewed the previous J12 as a 365 day piece of jewelry.

The watch will be officially unveiled by Chanel on March 27, but the affluent public will have to wait until June 2 of this year to purchase the J12-365. It will be interesting to see which starlets will be sporting a new Chanel watch this summer.


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