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The Cartier Ballon Bleu Floral Marquetry Parrot Gets a Fine Feathered Makeover

The Cartier Ballon Bleu Floral Marquetry Parrot Gets a Fine Feathered Makeover

Cartier has long been one of the most desired and brilliantly handcrafted watch manufacturers in the entire world. When you slip on a Cartier, you can simply feel the elegance as it instantly becomes a showcase piece, wherever you are or whatever you are doing. When you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and to truly accent your wardrobe, nothing does it better than a Cartier watch. Of all the different Cartier watches out there, the Ballon Bleu is a memorizing watch that thankfully comes in a few different styles, so no matter what you are looking for or what kind of watch you want to accent your outfit, there is an exceptional design for you. Plus, the fine makeover that has been continually transforming the Cartier brand since its inception allows you to wear something that still beckons to its exceptional heritage, all while giving you something new and fashionably unique as well.

Cartier has taken its Ballon Bleu watches and adjusted the band and faceplate of the design. Now, you have the option of selecting either a full metal band or a leather band. This way, if you want something with a more casual, lighter and organic feel, the leather band is there for you. Some men find the metal clasps on all metal band watches actually pinch the hair in their arms, so if you tend to suffer from this situation, you no longer have to turn away from designer watches, as Cartier now has the perfect adjustment for you. However, if you want to show off the breathtakingly ornate and polished metal band of the gold and white gold watches, you have this option as well. It all just comes down to how you want to wear your watch, what your comfort level is and, ultimately, what your design tastes are.

The bracelet material is not the only alteration Cartier has made with its finely produced makeover. the faceplate of the watch also has a few different variations as well. There is still the traditional, bold display of Roman numerals as the analog hands point towards your time. However, instead of simply having a blank backdrop behind the numbers, or the inclusion of hundreds of small diamonds, which truly reflect the light and make it that much more mesmerizing when you look at it, one of the newest additions to the Ballon Bleu collection shows off a flying tourbillon in the middle of the watch. This way, wherever you move or however you hold out your arm, you can see the movement of the water. This helps transform your Cartier watch into not only a reflection of your exceptional style and design taste, but also a conversation piece as well. The black leather with the white gold front is something unlike anything you have ever seen in a Cartier watch before, so when you truly want something different, that stands out and is able to depict your difference in style, the new, feathered makeover for the Cartier Ballon Bleu lineup of watches is sure to be exactly what you’re looking for.


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