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Dream Wedding Gift: Harry Winston’s Mrs. Winston Watch

Dream Wedding Gift: Harry Winston’s Mrs. Winston Watch

This year is one of the most exciting times for exquisite pieces of jewelry. 2013 has brought a large selection of finely crafted pieces to the forefront that wow and amaze at high class events. One of the latest creations to sweep the stage and wow crowds, is Harry Winston’s Mrs. Winston watch. The watch serves as yet another reminder that there are many great creations on the forefront of modern jewelry and watch making. Named after Harry Winston’s wife, it has a hard task to complete and does so splendidly in all of its charm and splendor. The Mrs. Winston watch is a one of a kind piece of jewelry art with many great features that can easily be admired.

Exquisite Beyond Belief

Harry Winston is known for his diamond encrusted pieces that stun and amaze watch collectors. The Mrs. Winston takes this to the next level, featuring 47 carats. 47 carats of pure splendor on the wrists of a lucky watch collector, is a fantasy come true. According to┬áHaute Time, the watch took over 440 hours to create, making it a labor of love that was well crafted and finely tuned. The dial face is made up of a 18k gold dial that is unique from Winston’s choice of white gold instead of traditional gold seen by many other collectors. The watch itself has over 300 diamonds including the face and bracelet, making it a highly diamond adorned creation that any watch collector can enjoy and appreciate.

A Watch Beyond Its Time

The Mrs. Winston watch is one that transcends time. It could have been popular and sought after thirty years ago and it definitely is popular and sought after now. It’s stunning style and elegant minimalist body make it a design that can carry on for years to come and win over more and more watch owners. A tribute to his wife, the watch serves as everything Harry Winston envisions in his wife Edna. It’s shining white diamonds set on a silver band and white gold dial make it one of the most feminine and exquisite watches ever crafted. Harry Winston has gone out of his way to join the vast array of high quality watches that transcend the barriers of money and soar into the world of fantasy.

A Watch For the Gallery

Truly a piece of art, the Mrs. Winston cements itself in time as one of the best Harry Winston watches ever created to date. It’s diamonds and lux style set it apart from other watches and make it a watch of dreams for collectors. If set in a gallery, jaws would drop, people would gather, and Harry Winston would smile. The Mrs. Winston is one of the best tributes and testaments to the power and impact that the real Mrs. Winston had on her husband. Truly an inspirational watch, it is one that can be treasured for years to come and appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs for a long period of time. It will indeed be interesting to see how Mr. Winston decides to out due this watch in the future, it won’t be easy.


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