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It might spark debate and is certainly a matter of personal choice which side of the new Hermes Arceau Flying Lift Tourbillon watch is the most stunning. If you simply want to make the point that you have a Hermes brand product, with its associated value judgment and price statement to proclaim, you would be equally well served by flaunting the backside. The watch back also has a window to show the “double H” symbol incorporated into the tourbillon. But, of course, you can’t tell the time from that side.

For that, you would be required to turn the watch face over — by so doing you reveal the stunningly beautiful craftsmanship of the watch works as well as the unique face which sports the stylized double “H” of the Hermes wrought iron gate at its flagship Paris building on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore. If you’ve strolled past the building, or ridden a 1923 “lift” which also sports the intricate scrolled double H, to an upper floor, you know the brand appeal of the design.

You can now display the logo on your wrist, along with the Hermes horse-drawn cart which adorns the back cover of the watch, enhanced by a brown alligator strap. What could be more stylish?

Available for a retail cost of $165,000, this 18-carat rose-gold masterpiece joins the line of previous Arceau timepieces, including the Arceau PM, Arceau GM and the Arceau TGM. Does anyone know what those initials stand for? Does anyone care? This “Arceau Lift,” however, includes a hand-wound Hermes caliber resulting from a collaboration with La Joux-Perret SA.

Its leather strap harks back to the saddle and leatherwork heritage of Hermes. And, its double H emblem is full of the history of the brand, said to be associated with the marriage of Emile Hermes and Julie Hollande — double H.

But, enough history. This is a thoroughly modern timepiece; and, a thoroughly up-to-date expression of style and quality, as befits a brand known for its ability to roll out products which appeal to both historical precedence and future trend-setters.

This latest entry into the classic line of Arceau watches still reminds wearers of the equestrian tradition with its leather band, even though you can point to its modern interpretation. The shape is classic, but the details are innovative. The materials are rich,but with a twist. It is a timepiece for the discerning wearer who wants a bold interpretation of time-tested style. It is not for everyone, but who wants to be like everyone?

The Swiss-made works are, naturally, of the highest quality; this limited edition watch will give its owner years of service, always with a stylish flair which testifies to the highest of standards and taste. Other watches in the Hermes Arceau line feature stylized numerals which march around the watch face in slanting motion; the “Lift” has no numerals, but its fascinating view into the inner workings of the mechanism more than compensate for their absence. You might wear the watch just to gaze at the passing of time, without ever needing to know the actual hour.

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