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L’Incomparable Up For Grabs at JewelFest

L’Incomparable Up For Grabs at JewelFest

The L’Incomparable Necklace — Ineffable Beauty

In October, the JewelFest in Singapore showcased the most expensive, and perhaps most beautiful, necklace in the world.

Asthetics are subjective (beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so on and so forth), but price tags are represent objective, empirical value. The combination of world-class diamonds set in the uber-affluent L’Incomparable Necklace constitute a value of $55 million, number on the list in the Guinness Book or World Records.

It would be insincere of almost any writer to do anything other than simply admit that describing the beauty of L’Incomparable is beyond their capacity as a word smith, certainly this one’s.

In advance professing the shortcomings of the following words as reflections of L’Imcomparable’s beauty, it is merely an attempt to explain the timeless–and already legendary–beauty of this 90 diamond, 230 carat necklace to promising whole-heartedly that there is without question only one woman in the entire world who is beautiful enough to adorn themselves with the L’Incomparable.

All others would be wholly outshined, would simply be a flaw attached to the necklace.

There are no actresses in Hollywood and no models on fancy French runways that could steal the eyes of awe away from L’Incomparable’s admirers. There are now queens nor heiresses, no mistresses nor baronesses, who could outclass her L’Incomparable.

L’Incomparable’s beauty is about more than the $55 million price tag.

Though something of the necklace’s true measure is lost in translation, ”The Incomparable” was designed by luxury jeweler Mouawad. The necklace itself abstractly resembles a simple vine with leaves of heart-shaped, tear drop, round, rectangular and opal shaped diamonds. Though the variety of shapes on the necklace seem randomly selected, each is placed in perfect harmony with one another, all of them the same size.

The centerpiece of the necklace is the world’s largest, internally flawless, colored diamond in the world.

Innocently discovered in the Congo by a young African girl almost 30 years ago in a discard pile of kimberlite, the diamond is deep yellow and shaped like the St. Mary Axe. It alone weighs 407.48ct. This natural wonder, ”earned itself the name,” L’Incomparable Diamond, hence, the name of the necklace it later became the centerpiece of (1).

A person can see the innocent, near-miss story behind L’Incomparable etched in its centerpiece, written in the simplicity of its divinely inspired creation. L’Incomparable is an aesthetic paradox. Though the price tag is unearthly high, L’Incomparable seems to promise value beyond money, beyond status, beyond the baseness of a bidding war.

L’Incomparable doesn’t trifle for attention with contrasting colors or a centerpiece that overshadows the beauty of the rest of the necklace. In fact, an observers eyes can easily be drawn to the unquestionable magnificence of the centerpiece last.

Somehow, the most expensive necklace in the world is humble. In a world of necklaces with centerpiece diamonds mixed with rubies and sapphires and jade and emeralds, someone might notice L’Incomparable last.

And that is the story of true love, putting flash and volume and the noise of attention begged aside and focusing on beauty. From her humble roots to the international impact she has had in the world of luxury jewelry, L’Incomparable has remained true to her design, simplicity.

Simply, the only woman worthy of L’Incomparable is the one you love.


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