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Boop’s Limited Edition Richard Mille & New McLaren 720S Spider

Boop’s Limited Edition Richard Mille & New McLaren 720S Spider

richard mille rm 11 limited edition


 limited edition richard mille

Let’s start with the Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 Jet Black Flyback Chronograph watch which was released back in 2016 at SIAR in Mexico City. It was a watch that shocked the world and has been relentless in dropping jaws ever since. 

There are about 2,000 billionaire’s in this world, but there are only 88 RM11-02 Jet Black Flyback Chronograph watches. That’s all that was produced, and all that ever will be produced.

So, even among the few who can achieve the “billionaire handshake” (aka the Richard Mille Handshake), even fewer can shake hands with an owner of this Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02.

Betty Polansky is one of those few. 

Like all Richard Mille watches, this Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 uses Avant-Garde, high tech materials never before seen in watchmaking. 

If this watch was a live being, which it arguably is, it wouldn’t be a “human”, it would be more of a hybrid human slash cyborg with all of its internal organs clearly visible yet impossibly accessible. The type of AI that would survive the apocalypse or travel the universe 100,000 years into the future.  

It’s just so futuristic. It uses materials that have never been used before. It has designs that no other watch brand has done and arguably could ever do. 

The RM11-02, and all the other RM watches available for that matter are like watches that have traveled back in time from the 22nd century, only to bless those with the heaviest of pockets. 

Below, we are going to cover all aspects of this watch and what it takes to own a Richard Mille. Beware, entering the Richard Mille club requires some serious, cosmic, spending power     


Do you want to join the Richard Mille Club?

It’s not an easy club to join, considering the entry level Richard Mille watch is $150,000. 

When you are wearing a Richard Mille, people know you have a hundred plus thousand dollars on your wrist. That’s literally real estate money on your wrist. 

As soon as you are wearing a Richard Mille, you are automatically winning. There’s no person who’s bought a Richard Mille that’s not successful. They are made for the elite and the elite only. 

The only watch that trumps a Richard Mille, in the minds of those in the Richard Mille Club, is a Richard Mille with more technical aspects or complications. 

Richard Mille watches collectively represent horology’s greatest achievements in technology, material, and complications. They are among the lightest, most shock-resistant watches in the world. 

So, with that, a Richard Mille watch is in fact more than just a hundred plus grand on your wrist. It’s a status symbol, it’s a realization of our cultures impressive innovations in watchmaking, it’s a technical revolution. To be part of that is historical. 

Companies like Patek, Vacheron, and AP (Rolex too), are brands with long heritage. They are traditional watches that use traditional materials. That’s what makes them great. It wouldn’t make sense for them to have the same vision or innovations as Richard Mille. That’s what makes Richard Mille so special. Richard Mille is a watch brand in a category all on its own, and it’s one that’s hard to compete with. 

So, with all that being said, if you want to be part of the Richard Mille Club and achieve the Billionaire’s Handshake, contact us

This Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 Jet Black Flyback Chronograph is now for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Read on to learn more.

Skeletonized Dial

As with all Richard Mille watches, the RM 11-02 has a fully skeletonized dial. In fact, the dial is not really a dial, at least not in the traditional sense. 

To create the skeletonized dial, Richard Mille uses thin sapphire crystal layers. Each layer has different components and features which make up the face as a whole. You have a layer for the minute track, a layer for the exclusive red ’88’ which is a reminder of how limited this special edition watch is. There’s a layer for the subdial markers and the date display. Another for the second time zone. All in all, the watch is incredibly complex. Yet, somehow Richard Mille manages to make the design impeccably seamless.

Through it all, you can see the entire PVD-treated titanium movement. The watch is stunning, and there is so much going on, but it doesn’t detract from legibility. Albeit it can be complicated for some. It’s sort of like a Formula One car, there is so much you can do with it and it’s the best of the best, but you have to know what you are dealing with. 

The colors have the same striking scheme as that of a supercar. More specifically, the McLaren 720S featured in this article.

You have a wonderful mix of reds, whites and jet blacks. The second time zone hand is red, matching the red Arabic numerals and the ’88’. And the rest of the watch uses white indicators on the jet black mechanics. 

Now, regarding the special features and uses for all this intricacy, you have the following capabilities:

  • 24-hour flyback chronograph at its 6 o’clock.
  • 60-minute countdown timer
  • Month indicator at its 5 o’clock.
  • Yearly calendar with a large date at its 12 o’clock.
  • GMT pusher on the left caseband.
  • UTC element for a second time zone.

The watch is made for elite travelers and race car drivers. There are so many applications that it really takes a special kind of human to put them all to work.

richard mille rm11 review

Flyback Chronograph & Movement

Inside the 88 total Limited Edition RM11-02, you have an RMAC2 automatic movement. It is Richard Mille’s first flyback chronograph.

For those who don’t know, a flyback chronograph is basically a chronograph on steroids. So, instead of having to stop and then reset it, you can simply just press one button and it goes back to zero and starts again. Hence, the name “flyback”. 

This is an essential function for Formula One drivers (and military personnel), as they need instantaneous resetting to be able to concentrate on vital tasks at hand while maintaining absolute accuracy. 

The movement is unreservedly crafted from grade 5 titanium, which is another crucial element that makes this watch so incredibly lightweight. 

What’s more, everything is hand finished to perfection. The movement is utterly gorgeous and in our opinion one of the most stunning in history. And unlike most watches, it can be seen in all of its glory from the exhibition caseback. 

Balance Wheel

First, the balance wheel in the RM11-02 is the apogee of watch innovation. It utilizes variable inertia (a type of free-sprung balance), which allows for the utmost reliability during subjection to shock. 

Essentially, the watch has immense shock resistance. This would be the type of watch you’d want to take to space as it could withstand G Forces. This also means the force from Formula One races is a cinch. 

What’s more, over time the watch has much greater chronometric reactions. It also has a double-barrel system which provides enhancement of torque stabilization over an appreciable period of time.  


  • Movement dimensions: 32.75 x 30.30 mm
  • Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • Jewels: 62
  • Balance: Glucydur, 4 arms, moment of inertia 4.8 mg•cm2, angle of lift 53º
  • Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Index assembly: Triovis N°2
  • Stem with three positions: manual winding, date, hand-setting.
  • Barrel arbor: in AP 20 steel
  • Balance spring: ELINVAR
  • Shock protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
  • Escapement wheel jewels: Rubifix (transparent)

RM Rubber Strap Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

The Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 super watch featured here comes equipped with a classic vented red strap made of “anti-everything” rubber. That’s not actually the name, but it holds true. It’s dust resistant, fade resistant, crease resistant, and every other kind of “resistant” you could think of. All in all, it’s not your typical rubber. What else would you expect from Richard Mille? It’s meant to last multiple lifetimes. Plus, it’s marvelously comfortable.

Attached to the strap is a DLC-coated double folding clasp. Like the rest of the watch, the clasp is everlasting, textural and quintessential.

Beyond comfort, functionality and longevity, the strap and clasp have a flawless design. It fortifies the color scheme, bringing it all full circle, both physically and visually. It’s integrated with the case, bestowing consummate curvature and proportions. 


The RM 11-02 Limited Edition watch has a tonneau-shaped tripartite case made of NTPT carbon. NTPT, which stands for North Thin Ply Technology, is a high tech material used in aerospace tech industries…and, you guessed it, Formula One. It has never before been used in watchmaking. NTPT is extremely lightweight and is ultra-durable. It is truly beyond cutting-edge for the watch space.

Richard Mille’s RM11-02 case underwent a lot of R&D during its creation. It has 68 one-of-a-kind stamping operations for the bezel, middle section and caseback. 

Creation of the case

Richard Mille uses uni-directional carbon fiber sheets which are pre-impregnated with advanced resins using heat and pressure technology. These are layered together to create a solid block that is ultra-light and ultra-strong. This block is then formed into the unique construction that is the RM11-02 tonneau-shaped case. This is all done at Mille’s ProArt facility in the Swiss Jura mountain village of Les Breuleux. 

From there, they perform micron accurate milling, drilling and finishing, ultimately creating an external surface that has a wood-like grain. The cases are done by hand one at a time, which gives each case its own special uniqueness. So, no two case has the same exterior, but they are all equally engineered to perfection.

The sides of the case are then fitted with engraved pushers for the chronograph start & stop and reset functions. As with everything on this watch, it has the essence of F1 with the pushers etched-lines resembling the surface of a Formula One racecar pedal…

Then you have the enlarged pullout crown with a black O-ring and a carbon pusher at its 9 o’clock on the caseband, which is what controls the second time zone function.

It may all seem very complicated, but the watch comes with a thorough manual so the wearer can learn everything they need to know to control the watch as if they are Fernando Alonso controlling his car while racing in the Le Mans Classic. 

Case Size

The case is quite big at 42.7mm in diameter, 50mm from lug to lug, and 16.22mm in thickness. The RM11-02 is larger than most of its predecessors due to its advanced flyback chronograph complication. 

Limited Edition RM 11-02 On the Wrist

The RM 11-02 Jet Black Limited Edition is true to its size at approximately 43mm in diameter. But its wrist presence far exceeds any dimensional value. 

This is a supercar for the wrist. If a Rolex Daytona is a Mercedes-AMG GT-R, then the RM11-02 is the new McLaren 720S. It’s just simply in another league. 

richard mille rm 11 limited edition

You can literally feel the high-tech, Avant-Garde materials in that it’s so comfortable and uber lightweight. For as large as it is, it’s mind-blowing that it only weighs about as much as a few credit cards. 

As for the looks, everything from the case to the strap and of course the dial pops magnificently. It’s not that you want people to see you are wearing it, it’s that the people can’t help but notice. Every single detail of this watch can and should be appreciated. 

Above all, it’s everything you’d expect it to be with its hefty price tag. 


The RM11-02 is a limited timepiece with only 88 ever made. The retail price for this, for the lucky 88 who are able to get their hands on it, was $180,000 back in 2016. 

It’s an exotic piece that has scarcity on its side. So, now it’s only available at select retailers, like us, Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Contact us for our Richard Mille RM11-02 price and with any question you may have.

Mclaren 720s Spider

Now let’s talk about the McLaren 720S Spider, which is also owned by Betty Polansky.

mclaren boopmobile


McLaren is known for creating the world’s most beautiful and powerful supercars…and they have upped the ante again.

Emerging from the marque’s Super Series comes the McLaren 720S Spider, the most desirable car in the history of McLaren. 

It’s a car that’s capable of putting over 200mph of wind through your hair as envious drivers pile up going in the opposite direction. 

The 720S is simply stunning. It has flowing lines, drifting 3D architecture, and graceful aerodynamics. It makes its rivals, Ferrari and Lamborghini, look sort of drab and boorish. That may be a bit insulting, we shouldn’t go there. But with the McLaren 720S Spider, it’s like comparing an Audemars Piguet to Richard Mille. Both great, but different.

Just like Richard Mille watches, McLaren combines lighter weight with higher performance. 

The McLaren 720S epitomizes the marque’s relentless pursuit to push the envelope of supercar possibilities. It’s lighter, faster and more powerful. It’s prettier, sleeker, and more futuristic. And probably most importantly, it’ll make you feel on top of the world. 

Carbon Fiber MonoCage II

The 720S Spider utilizes a revolutionary version of McLaren’s trailblazing carbon-fiber monocoque tub along with a brand new entirely carbon roll-over protection system. This saves the car 6.8kg of weight compared to the 650S Spider. Plus, it makes for improved visibility. 

Of course, that’s not the only fat reduction that took place, but we won’t get into every detail of McLaren’s diet plan. Nevertheless, it’s clear that McLaren’s “surgeons” put in a lot of work to create perfection in weight.

Weighing in at 1,332kg, the 720S is the most featherweight car in its class. 

The roof, which is part of the MonoCage II, is controlled by electric motors rather than hydraulics, which makes it almost silent, not to mention faster to pull down. It takes a mere 11 seconds to go from Sunny Florida to Rainy Florida (fastest in the game). Moreover, this can be managed at up to 31mph. McLaren takes pride in this, as they are applying for three patents on this impressive technology. 

The car’s new carbon rear section is incorporated behind the driver’s hindquarter as well. Essentially it’s a frame for the roof to retract into. Furthermore, there are adaptions to the hinges and sealing with the door glass being frameless now. 

All in all, the MonoCage II’s high-strength and low-weight offers unparalleled rigor, providing exhilarating driving dynamics and unprecedented safety for the driver and passenger. 

Majestic Doors

The doors on the McLaren 720S open majestically. They are twin-hinged dihedral doors that sweep forward and up. This makes entering the Spider easy and elegant. 

When the doors are up, it’s like a work of art, and once entered into, you’ll be transported to a different realm. 

mclaren boca raton

The Great White

The car’s structure is distinctly McLaren, yet the fine details are intrepidly unique. McLaren took inspiration from the Great White Shark, “a beautifully sleek yet brutally efficient hunting machine.”

The outcome is a design with magnificent form and razor-sharp function. The flowing exterior lines exploit air as it blitzes through, reducing drag while keeping the engine cool.

Slender pillars on the pear-shaped cockpit and the exquisite glass crown supply the interior with sunlight and allows the driver a transcendent field of vision. 

This is the supercar that makes supercars jealous. Move over Tiger Sharks.

mclaren 720s review


The McLaren 720S is lightning fast, hitting zero to 62mph in 2.8 seconds, 124mph in 7.9. Even for supercars, hitting 124mph in under 10 seconds is remarkable.

As for top speeds, you have 212 with the roof up and 202mph with the roof down. 

The car has the same hydraulic cross-linked variable dampers and active area package as the coupe. So is the 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo M840T engine.

After all, why change something so impeccable? It has 710bhp and 568lb-ft torque to do the pushing. What more could you ask for?

But it’s not all about the stats, driving this car is liberating. It’s immersive, bringing in the surroundings so you can feel them with all your senses.

The V8 engine has a potent growl that lets everyone know the car means business…and so does the driver. Shoutout to Boop! 

This car is all about maximum power, sharp responses and increased fuel efficiency. And it got it 100 percent right for all three.

We are talking raw, unforgiving speed. Yet, if you want to take it slow and simply cruise the street, it’s equally as good at that… 

It doesn’t have a drivetrain shunt or histrionics in the engine at low revolutions. If you leave it to do its own thing, it’ll be in 6th by the time you hit 30mph. Moreover, the ride on the cross-linked hydraulic dampers is unearthly.

What’s more, the system uses hydraulic AR bars rather than conventional ones, which limits roll and allows it to flex under compression. Ultimately, it makes for a flat yet incredibly supple ride. 

Now, the car is even more refined when the roofs up. But if you want to get the best off both worlds and let a little bit of the outside in, you can drop the electric rear glass. It’s surprising how little exhaust noise comes in when doing this.

limited edition richard mille and car

The Steering

For the few who have whipped this Great White, they say it has the best steering of any supercar. It offers a natural behavior, rather than an artificial super-quick rack. It doesn’t feel edgy, it’s relaxed, which gives you a dynamic driving experience that one can only describe as “sensational”.

How low can you go?

When it comes to the McLaren 720S, pretty damn low. That said, it’s not an unnervingly low car to drive. When whipping this beauty you’ll have exemplary viewing. 

A big part of this is thanks to the glass buttresses, which ensures that the front and rear view are astoundingly clear.  

As for the braking forces, they are utterly superb. The car has so much stability, even if you brake and turn simultaneously. 

The car is just so responsive, reliable, and trustworthy. It’s like driving with your mother…if she was an F1 racer with god-like power and control. 


The McLaren 720S is just as much a spectacle on the inside as it is on the outside. 

It’s a pleasure to spend time in, as one would only imagine. It just feels special…even for those who are used to supercars. The design is clearly very well-thought-out and the attention to detail is sublime. It seems they took more pride in the interior than Ferrari and Lamborghini does. Again, no offense to two of the greats. It’s just, the functionality is a lot better.

What’s more, the 720S retains the rotating dash, which is such a treat. AND, it has an electrochromic roof which really steals the show. You can change the glass roof top’s light penetration by up to 90 percent with just a touch of a button.

Custom-made Betty Boop floor mats just to Boopify the 720S with Betty Polansky’s iconic mark.


If you want to own a McLaren 720S Spider, you are looking at a hefty bill. We figure you know that already, though. 

Every single element of this car adds up. They really know how to charge for things. From the lightweight forged wheels to the polished brake calipers to the electric steering column, and many other features, it’s like a checklist of “must-haves” that will run you copious amounts of $. Then you have customizations, which, most car lovers can’t help but get.

It takes a special kind of person to own a McLaren 720S Spider AND a Limited Edition Richard Mille, and we are about to introduce you to the woman who owns the one featured in this post.

Betty Polansky aka Boop

Betty is the owner of the McLaren 720S and the Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02. This is one of the hottest combinations of watch and car that we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot.


So, let’s talk about this incredible, wild woman and some of the modifications she’s done to her McLaren 720S.

Betty Polansky is known in South Florida’s car community as the “First Lady of Speed”. She’s been whipping the streets of South Florida for years, constantly popping up for charitable events and blessing car fanatics with sounds and sights of her McLarens

Notice how McLaren is plural there. Betty is not only an owner of the McLaren 720S, but she also owns the McLaren 650S, which has been famously named the Boopmobile. 

She holds the IMRA 1 Mile World Record with her McLaren 650S. 

Her 650S is just as volcano red as her new 720S. The color is vibrant and fierce but not obnoxious. In any case, if you see her driving down the street, she’s nearly impossible to miss.

Her Instagram handle is @Boop14, and if she accepts your follow, you’ll be lucky to catch some awesome videos of her doing F’in cool stuff. She loves Cars, Fitness, Country Music, and Her Family. 

We really love how passionate she is about cars and the vehicles she owns. Not only is she passionate, though…she is also knowledgable and she damn sure knows how to drive like a pro. 

We aren’t sure who is more of an online session here in Florida, her or her car. You know what, clearly it is an amalgamation of both.

A simple search on Google and you will see she is involved in all types of events here in South Florida. She treats herself well, and she treats the community well too.


Charitable Contributions

She’s a regular at our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Not only does she bring some of the best cars, she also contributes to the causes we are raising money and awareness for, such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and Toys for Tots.

This past Christmas, she updated her 650S wrap with a Toys For Tots “banner” and dropped off tons of toys for our Toy Drive. Her car displayed the face of Santa, showing her kindred spirit for our event during the holiday season. 

It’s become clear that her car is a hot commodity. All the best car shows in South Florida want her to join and she’s consistently featured in their highlights. You have Cars and Coffee, Concours d’Elegance, and, of course, our car show Diamonds and Donuts. 

So, if you want to catch her and her new McLaren 720S, definitely come check out our monthly Diamonds and Donuts Car Show

McLaren 720S Customizations 

Now, let’s talk about some of her McLaren 720S’ modifications:

She bought her car from McLaren of Palm Beach. 

Titanium Lug Bolts and Nuts from Wheels Boutique – Safety first!

She’s got an Excell Racing exhaust system. An exquisite car deserves an exquisite exhaust!

The world’s finest, most structurally sound wheels from Anrky Wheels. She got these from Wheels Boutique out of Miami, FL. The wheels are fire! You could also say they are ferocious looking. Truly the perfect look for the McLaren 720S. Boop has incredible style. 

Here she is with her husband at Boca Concours d’Elegance last year. Like we said, her style is flawless. She loves diamonds, we love diamonds, and we love her! She’s just an all-around awesome, inspiring person. 


1 out of 10 for her Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 Jet Black and diamond bracelet stack?

limited edition richard mille

Hard 10. Easy work.

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Let us know what you think about this Limited Edition Richard Mille RM11-02 and the McLaren 720S Spider in the comments below. Stay tuned for more watch and car features!

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