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Richard Mille Introduces New Watch Classification

Richard Mille Introduces New Watch Classification

Like most anything, high-end jewelry, timepieces and leather goods are featured in sets, collections and categories. A taxonomy of sorts makes it simpler to distinguish the different models and characteristics unique to each piece.

Richard Mille, producer of luxury, precision-technology timepieces has announced that after quite a bit of thought, they are changing the way their watches will be categorized. As new technology and creative innovations develop, this is likely a practice that we will see occurring in other products

Richard Mille, a sort of modern-day Phillip Patek, is a French businessman and is the owner of the company. Since the company’s launch in 2001, nearly 50 different models have been created. It all began with the RM Tourbillon.

Beginning in February 2013, Richard Mille watchers will be classified in collections according to complications and characteristic themes. For example, the automatic sports watches with the fly-back chronograph will be renamed the RM 11-01 and RM 11-02. The Tourbillon calibers with sapphire crystal cases from the RM O56 model group shall now be known as the RM 56-01, with subsequent numbers following such as RM-56-02, etc.

In recent years, Richard Mille watches have become among the world’s most advanced in the art of watch-making. The watches are created from the most modern and complex materials available and borrowed from aerospace and automobile engineering.

The brand’s founder has swiftly become known as a pioneer in the field of high watch art. Their timepieces are magnificently and ingeniously designed. Like Patek, Cartier and others before them, the company will likely be remembered long into the future for their world class products.

Rebecca M for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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