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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Engaged

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Engaged

Well readers, it happened. We all knew it would (hoped it would?) Its great for gossip, as Lainey would say if she broke her personal vow to never discuss Kanye West’s girlfriend. Maybe there’s a loophole now that she’s his fiance? Kanye and Kim, who started dating after Kim separated from Kris Humphries, but infamously long before they were divorced, welcomed daughter/ Blue Ivy’s frenemy North West this summer. The proposal was 0 shades of subtle, as is expected and required of Mr. West.

Kanye rented out AT&T stadium in San Francisco for the occasion, where he surprised Kim for her 33rd birthday with a 50 piece orchestra, fireworks, a jumbotron proposal, and her family hiding in the dugouts. Kim said “yes” while Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young and Beautiful’ played before celebrating to Kanye’s own song (never change, Kanye) ‘Knock You Down’. The jumbo tron was over-the-top beseeching, reading in very Kanye fashion “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” We were really hoping for an album release or at least a song proposal, but this works. After Kim said yes, fireworks went off and she slipped the ring on her finger. Let’s discuss.

So it’s no surprise that Kim’s new engagement ring is another Lorraine Schwartz creation. Lorraine is a diamond genius whose creations decorate every red carpet worth walking. There’s a reason that the major jewelry lovers in Hollywood (looking at you Sofia Vergara) wear Lorraine Schwartz exclusively. So obviously that would be Kim’s choice jeweler, but this is where things get interesting. We’re firm believers that Kim was the one who chose and bought her last ring to have Kris Humphries propose with. There’s nothing wrong with this: we have women shopping for their own rings in our store every single day. It’s their ring, they’ll wear it every day, they know what they want, we vote that it’s great to pick out your own ring, or at least assist in the process. And if you want to pay for it too, fine. Kim is worth considerably more than her ex husband, so we see nothing wrong with her buying the ring she wanted and paying for it if her boyfriend couldn’t. The problem obviously was the one sidedness of the desire for the proposal, not the ring shopping. Were they in love? Probably, but it seemed like Kim was more in love with the idea of a wedding than a marriage to her husband.Kim wanted to get engaged, she wanted to plan a wedding, and she wanted the wedding special. He just went along with it, she made it that much easier by springing for her ring. Kanye West though? Not the one to go with the flow.

We have no doubt that Kanye was the only one ring shopping. In fact, we’re envisioning him working closely with Lorraine to source the perfect diamond. Reports are already saying that the stone is “flawless” which wouldn’t surprise us. Kanye knows fashion and quality, and would want the best for Kim, even if it means downgrading to a paltry 15 carat diamond from her reported 20ctw emerald cut (sold!) The setting is more Kanye’s style than Kim’s – a simple, stunning solitaire, reflective of his taste for the sleek, the stripped down, the black and white/skin tight he’s been dressing Kim in. Well, Kanye can ring shop for us any day because the diamond looks stunning. We can’t tell if it’s a step cut or brilliant cut, but the color and cut look excellent. And if it is in fact flawless, we’re going to need more up close shots. let’s hope Kim doesn’t grow camera-shy now that she’s got that rock.


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