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Deep in Southern India tales of stones growing in the ground like carrots or turnips surfaced among the merchants. Using carob seeds as a counter weight merchants would weigh glimmering stones in the Indian sun and determine worth by the unit of measure carats as is still done today. So began the diamond trade across the world and commitment to finding the stone transformed into a commitment of marriage for many cultures.

A Stone Made for Royalty

Wealth and power drove many a man to conqueror lands and acquire women. Diamonds became the evidence that such had been accomplished in a most impressive way. Diamond served as insignia of royalty and in a single pocket could carry the wealth of a kingdom. For royalty diamonds because a sign of status for wooing some maiden that could add lands to a kingdom. The rarity of diamond deposits in unusual rock formations added to the mystique. When a princess saw a Prince with a diamond in ancient times, she knew the Prince had literally gone to the wilds to find it. Her father knew that the prince had what it took to take proper care of his daughter. Today when a suitor brings you your diamond all the royal history and legend surrounds it as the ring becomes placed on the finger making any female a princess and any male a prince in their time.

Diamonds presenting such exotic ecstasy it is no surprise that India until the 17th century had the firmest grip on mining diamonds. Blessed with large deposits at Krishna, Godavari and Penner the Indians found the gem Vajra which comes as Sanskrit for thunderbolt. Known for the beauty and ability to ward off evil spirits, diamonds graced the royalty houses of India. Around 327 C India began trade with other countries particularly Europe royal houses. After the 17th century, other regions found in Brazil, and South Africa discovered and mined diamonds while the Indian minds depleted though modern technology has discovered more diamond beds for the mining. By selling to the outside world, India furthered the mystique of the raja and his women by using the courtesies they did to court their royalty

Platinum GIA Certified 2.62ct Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
Platinum GIA Certified 2.62ct Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

A Stone Made For Priests

The Old Testament mentions diamonds. The properties of diamonds referred to in ancient times came known as “adamant” which means hardness. High priests had breastplates in the time of Exodus that had decorations of diamonds giving them important religious meaning in the Jewish faith. Later Jews moved into the diamond trade due to the Diaspora which scattered them to the four corners of the earth. Many countries put numerous restrictions on them. The leading Diaspora cities also sold diamond jewelry, so the Jews did the majority of the diamond trade for centuries since few constraints existed. Until the 18th century, most of the diamonds came from India. Jewish people and India have had close relationships since India took them in during the Diaspora and became one of the few cultures that never practiced Anti Semitism. Many Jewish merchants established commerce deals with Indians for spice and diamonds both of which proved quite profitable for centuries.

18k Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
18k Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Variety

Raw diamonds do not have the gleam and glittered of polished ones. The polishing and the refining give its luster and brilliance. First all diamonds do not come the same. Say you are discussing buying jewels with the diamond buyers in Boca Raton. To sell diamonds in Boca Raton, the seller would explain how diamonds have symmetry. Then may explain the faceting to you to ensure you understand the differences in price and selection. You would need to know that diamonds have crystal faces that form into cubes, octahedron, and tetrahedron. Cubes often end up as industrial grade diamonds for tools. The octahedron and tetrahedron with the right cutting can become the most engaging of gems that catch the light and return a rainbow. Check how your diamond rainbows in your lamplight.

Diamonds do not come just as white light. Diamonds have variety. Most diamonds come classified as variety one with its warm light shining from within. Variety two have an amber or green tinge as it catches and reflects light. Other varieties may have a gray or dark coloring with a colorless zone in the middle or have other features due to their development such as trigons, graphic inclusions or fibrous structure. Even if you own a typical diamond setting knowing about the unusual ones gives a person something to look forward to or to try.

Gold and Diamond Yin and Yang ring
Gold and Diamond Yin and Yang ring

The Wedding Stone

Fantastic and romantic, diamonds have not always been the wedding stone. For most centuries men wore the stone to impress women. In the 18th century, the DeBeers family decided to get creative and for their diamonds developed a marketing campaign that equated the commitment of marriage to diamonds lasting forever. The idea caught on with the general public and diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings became the norm in the United States. Take a trip to talk to diamond buyers in Boca Raton and somewhere in their store they would have the legend of the DeBeers campaign and the handling of diamonds. It was not enough that the DeBeers got into the business. A stroke of luck with the discovery of diamonds in South Africa made diamonds available to the masses. Add in the fact, Tiffany designed a six clawed inset that secured all the facets, and this also excited the public to the point they made the diamonds a tradition. Females took to the gemstone since it gave pleasure to the viewer and pleasure to the wearer making the wedding industry more romantic and sentimental. Now when engaging the idea of marriage has become synonymous with buying a diamond for your needs or celebration.

18k White Gold GIA 1.66ctw Round Diamond Engagement Ring
18k White Gold GIA 1.66ctw Round Diamond Engagement Ring

When Buying a Diamond

Several factors determine the worth of a diamond and knowing it can help a consumer make the best decision for their needs. Cutting a diamond creates facets. The light landing on a facet creates the flash of fire sent out. When firing the light of a diamond becomes a prism that breaks the white light into rainbow colors. In the diamond world colorless ups the value to a point unless the diamond has unusual deep coloring. Deeply colored diamonds are scarce and so worth more. Clarity means a diamond has few defects or blemishes such as cloudiness or cracks. Sell diamond jewelry Boca Raton or in New Delhi, India the diamond buyers talk the same language and so should you if a bargain or quality jewel you want. History makes for fascinating reading but the individual story about each diamond bought talks about someone’s life. Whether a diamond becomes bought by an individual or gifted to them, it marks a celebration in their life. Bringing firelight into a life changes a relationship, a person’s status or opens a door to another path. Diamonds that cast the rainbow for all to seek hold a promise of something better for someone, somewhere, some time.

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