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Top Ten Jewelry Trends for 2014

Top Ten Jewelry Trends for 2014

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Jewelry is a fantastic way to express yourself and really get your own personal style out there. This year, there are tons of great jewelry trends that are making the rounds this year that can help you truly express yourself while remaining on trend. These trends are great, easy to wear, and fantastic overall.

  1. Chunky Layered Chains- this trend is great for anyone that wants an edgy look without being too masculine. This trend encompasses the use of multiple chains that are of varying length and thickness and even those that have charms and other extras. This trend is great for instantly making an outfit seem edgier than ever.
  2. Chandelier Earrings- though this trend has never really died out, it is coming back in full force this year. This trend means that wearers will have to pick out very large, very interesting, and very eye catching earrings. This trend lets wearers use earrings that are long enough to reach the shoulder and chunky enough to weigh down and ground any look.
  3. Turquoise and Natural Stone- though diamonds are and will always be a girl’s best friend, this spring natural stones are all the rage. This trend is slightly native American in inspiration as they have tons of turquoise and quartz as well as other natural stones.
  4. Flowers and Nature Inspired- this trend encompasses brooches, necklaces, rings, and other pieces that are inspired by nature. This means pieces that are shaped like animals, insects, and more. This is a great trend for making any outfit seem even more earthy.
  5. Statement Necklaces- this trend is great for anyone that wants a great trend that is perfect for anyone looking for a bold way to change up an outfit.
  6. Royalty Inspired Pieces- this trend makes anyone look like they are part of the royal family. This trend means that anyone participating will be wearing large, decadent pieces that are inspired by the royal pieces of shows like Game of Thrones and more. It may even be beneficial to throw on a crown.
  7. Fringe- this is a great trend for anyone that wants their outfit to look instantly interesting and even a bit eclectic. This trend is great for those that want something funky and beautiful for the spring time.
  8. Mixed Metals- this trend is great for anyone that wants a funky and really out there look. Anyone wearing this trend can pick out metals that work with their outfit or that are completely out there. This is a great trend for those that want to get their look together without being too precise.
  9. Geometric Shapes- this trend is one that comes back around ever so often and that really takes hold when it does. Anyone wearing this trend is sure to utilize shapes that are both typical and a bit more organic making for a very interesting look that is totally out of the ordinary.
  10. Ethnic Pieces- this trend is great for those that really like color and an earthy feel. This is a great trend for those that want something that is both beautiful and bold all at once and that really makes a look.


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