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Hublot Gives Miami HEAT White Hot Big Bangs to Celebrate Win

Hublot Gives Miami HEAT White Hot Big Bangs to Celebrate Win

When you’re the world champion Miami Heat, celebrating an NBA title, basking in a Biscayne Bay parade that even tropical storm Debby couldn’t rain on, and finally silencing the “haters”, what else could you possibly need?

Rick de la Croix, President of Hublot Latin America, seemed to think that a special edition Big Bang was in order, too. After the Heat’s big win, La Croix and Hublot ambassador Dwyane Wade presented the entire Heat coaching staff and team with congratulatory “White Hot” Big Bang watches.

Wade took the mic to share some kind words with his teammates and coaches:

“When it came down to choosing where I wanted to play for the rest of my career, for me it came down to being a part of a family. When I sat down and thought about it, Miami is my family. Thank you for making me a part of your family.”

We’ll say that we’d certainly like an invite to Wade’s next family reunion – our Boca showroom can always use a few more Big Bangs! And while we’d happily have RSVP’ed “yes” to the festivities, a certain superstar player was noticeably absent.

LeBron James skipped out on the ceremony, perhaps due to his conflicting ambassadorship with Audemars Piguet. This is a bit uncharacteristic of the noted prankster, who famously wore Nikes to Adidas’ training camp and Adidas to Nike’s. And while it’s highly likely that King James will inspire the next special edition of Royal Oak Offshores, he probably won’t be wearing his White Hot Hublot.

LeBron, we know a fantastic place where you can sell your watch in Boca Raton.

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