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Blood Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

Blood Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

Whether you are buying or selling diamonds in Boca Raton or anywhere else, where those gems came from (and how they got to the store) should make a difference in your decision.

Chairwoman Gillian Milovanovic routed every party involved in the Kimberley Process to continue and update strategies to deal with and stop all diamond industry related violence during the past intercessional meeting this past June 7th.

The members of the organizations are well aware that rash decisions will not slow down or stop violence. Therefore this meeting’s purpose was not to find a concrete solution to stop diamond bloodshed all at once, but to discuss and exchange ideas instead. All those involved in this cause, as one, will make decisions on tackling strategies during the plenary meeting next November.

 Zimbabwe got special attention during this meeting since the country’s violence is credited to not only conflict diamonds but also rebellious attempts to overthrow the government. But the Kimberley Process will not get involved in any violence outbreak outside of conflict diamonds. Nevertheless, the inclusion human rights in future efforts are being discussed.


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