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Hublot Ferrari Partnership Maximizes Luxury

Hublot Ferrari Partnership Maximizes Luxury

Nothing says luxury watch quite like the name Hublot. Hublot, a Swiss watch maker, has always been a source for the rich and famous to get watches that are stylish and luxurious. In August 2012, Hublot — which once released a watch that was valued about more than $5 million — announced it would continue its path down the elite watch path. Hublot and Ferrari have partnered to create a line of watches that has never been seen before.

3 Quick Facts About the Hublot Ferrari Watch Line

  1. The watch will be called the Ferrari Big Bang Watch. The line of watches was launched in Auckland, New Zealand by company president Ricardo Guadalupe.
  2. There will be two versions of the watch. One will be a titanium watch, which will retail for about $32,000. The elite version will be a part of the “magic gold” line, and will retail at about $43,000.
  3. The goal of the partnership with Ferrari is for Hublot to raise awareness of its brand and associate itself with another luxury brand that only the richest and most elite people are able to purchase. The two brands complement each other well because they are committed to both style and design as well as luxury and quality.

This partnership is exciting news for both brands, and will certainly excite the people who are fans of both Hublot and Ferrari. If you are in need of a watch that will complement your style while also defining your status in life, a Hublot watch is the perfect choice. This new line of men’s watches will certainly please those who enjoy the brand, and many people will be thrilled to purchase the next Hublot watch for their collection or for that special someone in their life.

Catherine C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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