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Hublot Big Bang Review

Hublot Big Bang Review

hublot Big Bang

Founded in 1980, Hublot is a relatively new watchmaker. The brand is based in Nyon, Switzerland. And today, it offers its designs online and in 80 boutiques located in cities all around the world. Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch isn’t only renowned for its ‘amazingness’. The company is also credited with developing WISeKey. A system that uses a smart card to detect counterfeit watches and authenticate real ones.

Hublot’s Big Bang was a game-changer when it first hit the scene.

So here is the big question on everyone’s lips;

Has age faded the Big Bang’s glory, or is it stronger than ever?

Most of the reviews we do here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are classic models – the latest and greatest. Not today. Today we are going to take a close look at a watch that changed an industry. And can be held responsible for the ‘big watch trend’ that’s dominated design since its release a decade ago.

Hublot Big Bang Review & History

Hublot Big Bang

The first Hublot Big Bang was unveiled in 2005 – and ever since then, the line has been a top seller. If you’re familiar with Hublot watches. Then you’ll notice similarities with the Big Bang and the original Hublot introduced in 1980. The look begins with the classic “porthole” design. This features six exposed “H shaped” screws arranged around the bezel. The designs that make Big Bang watches stand out are always unique.

Over the years, the Big Bang has been reintroduced in a number of marvelous iterations.  Iterations that delight fans worldwide. Amazing textures, skeletonized dials, unique jewel patterns, and colorful dials.  Also, straps, and some very exclusive limited editions. All of which makes Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch favorites with collectors worldwide.

In 2015, Hublot celebrated the Big Bang 10th anniversary with three new models. These are Big Bang Unico, Big Bang Full Magic, and Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day power reserve. They also released ten Haute Joaillerie Big Bang watches. They are encrusted with precious gems including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. These sold for $1 million apiece.

Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver calls the Big Bang design “the art of fusion”. And when you stop to consider the many unique materials, textures, and colors. Which all go into each one of these timepieces, you can see why. Kevlar, red gold, tungsten, ceramic, gold, rubber, and stainless steel. These are some notable materials that can be seen throughout the collection. Every model we’ve listed comes in a variety of color combinations. You’ll find a variety of complications, dial colors, and other desirable features. As you explore the wide, wonderful world of Big Bang watches!

Proper Review of the Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch

Even though Hublot has released what seems like thousands of subsequent Bangs. Watches in every color, flavor, and material. The original is still in their catalogs, and still a strong performer.

Watch Case

The Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch is all about the case. The complex construction embodies ‘the art of fusion. – A philosophy at the center of the brand’s identity. In 2005 the combination of steel and rubber was novel. But in the next decade, the rest of the industry has caught up with Hublot’s trendsetting ways. Still, the 44mm case holds up well and is a pleasure to wear. I found the riot of textures and materials engaging.

Fusion is more than unconventional material as Big Bang demonstrates a stylistic fusion. The traditional tropes of luxury sports watch design are partnered. With an industrial aesthetic heavy knurling on the bezel edge and screws work. It might sound like something cribbed from a press release. But to appreciate the Big Bang you do need to understand the importance played by the fusion in its design. The interplay of materials and textures is key to Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch appeal. And what makes it so fun to wear.

Well, we found the riot of textures and materials engaging. The interplay of materials and textures is key to this watch’s appeal and what makes it so fun to wear.

Watch dial

The use of unconventional materials continues on the dial with woven carbon fiber. Providing a texture that contrasts well with the mirror-like finish of the bezel. Happily, for all their fusion, Hublot hasn’t confused the fact that the prime purpose of a watch is to tell the time. The dial is legible – with broad luminova-filled hands. Big rhodium-plated indices and unobtrusive printed subdials. We really loved the numerals and indices. They pick up on the industrial sensibilities that run through the watch. 

Each applied marker is cut-through with a machined groove. But while the groove itself is polished, the rest of the marker is brushed. It’s a small detail, but one that many lesser brands would overlook. Like the rest of the watch. The Big Bang’s dial is all about the materials and finishes, but the function doesn’t get lost in the form.

The Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch movement

When it was first released, the Big Bang would have been powered by a modified Valjoux 7750. These days it’s rocking the Calibre 4100, which is a high-grade ETA 2894-2 base with a chronograph module on top. This movement is a proven performer. And there’s no real issue with brands using outside movements. And let me labor this point, for a simple but profound reason. The majority of Swiss brands use ETA movements or similar in their wider range. Even the big players like Patek Philippe, and it’s nothing to get snobby about.

The logic is strong. Why reinvent the wheel if an existing and available movement is perfect for the job? There’s no doubt that for this watch, an ETA movement is the right choice. Still, it’s worth noting that for many. A $16K price tag on a steel watch with a fairly unmodified ETA inside twinges the hip pocket nerve. It is understandable that for some consumers this isn’t an issue. But the value proposition is more compelling on Hublot watches. Even with the new in-house Unico movements.

The Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch strap

The rubber strap is an integral part of the Big Bang’s identity. Grounding the luxury watch in practicality – and Hublot has managed to inject personality. The diamond tread-like pattern is distinctive and almost aggressive. Certainly not boring. Visually the hooded lugs conceal the point where the strap meets the case. Adding to the impression of a seamless whole. The strap is secured by a single-fold deployant with a big and chunky buckle. While it’s solid and secure, we must admit we found the lines a little too sharply machined to be comfortable.

On the wrist

Some customers have said, the Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch was FUN to wear. It’s large and in charge: flashy and unashamedly awesome. It was also comfortable and legible. And while the brash look might not be for everyone. It’s a bit surprising if anyone could wear this watch for a day and not be sold on its premise. The most impressive thing for me was just how well this watch has held up over 10 years. It’s a bold, innovative design. Too often designs like this date really quickly, but not the Big Bang.

Hublot Classic Fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion is the simplified version of the admired Big Bang watch. And it was the first release in the year 2005. It possesses a sober design with a broad dial. Furthermore, the Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch is good with its iconic case design. And also the bold hour markers, and hands.

This Classic Fusion collection is available in two case sizes. The Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm and Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm. which are available in either steel or red gold. You can also get it in either a matte dial with gold or steel bezel or sportier carbon fiber with a ceramic bezel.

Is the Big Bang the most iconic watch design of the early 21st century? OR, how do we feel about the movement to price equation?

Hublot Big Bang Watches Noteworthy Owners

Over the years, Hublot has sponsored prominent teams and clubs. The clubs are Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Ajax Amsterdam, and Formula One Racing. Also FIFA World Cup, the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and more. You can spot many players wearing Big Bang watches. And the company is known for providing watches to referees and other officials as well.

Hublot became the official timekeeper and official watch of Ferrari in 2011. Since then, the Big Bang Ferrari collection has continued to grow. With exciting new models pleasing fans worldwide. Some  Hublot brand ambassadors past and present include Jet Li and Diego Maradona. Also Usain Bolt, Rohit Sharma, and members of the Manchester United football team.

How to Spot a Fake Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch

If you’re interested in buying pre-owned Big Bang watches. It’s vital that you protect yourself by keeping a sharp eye out for knockoffs. Because of their popularity and because there are so many exciting models to choose from. They’re a prime target for counterfeiters. Thieves who know that some potential buyers are so excited by bargain pricing. So much so that they forget to scrutinize the tiniest details.

Because this collection is extensive and each model has unique features.  It’s impossible to provide an exact guide to telling a fake Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch from the real thing. Even so, there are some specific things to look for.

  • Very low price, well below market average, often with a sad story about why the seller has to give up their watch.
  • Manufacturing defects like visible solder or glue. Or even blue screws inside instead of metallic colors actually used by Hublot.
  • “Hublot Geneve” is misspelled or there is another misspelled word.
  • The Hublot logo located on the clasp is always engraved on authentic Hublot Big Bang watches. And not printed or thinly etched.
  • Missing Hublot’s signature “H” shaped screws.
  • No certificate of authenticity.
  • The best way to avoid fake Hublot Big Bang watches is to have an expert check it.

Unless you’re buying from a trusted source such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee.  A place where all watches are authenticated by certified horologists prior to sale, it pays to spend the time to have an expert look at the watch you’re considering. Counterfeiters have access to exceptional technology these days, and considering the resale value of a Hublot Big Bang, even a single sale can represent a pretty impressive payday for a crook who has invested just a few dollars in shoddy materials.

Estimated Value of Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch

Currently, the suggested retail price of a Hublot Big Bang varies from $10,400 to $369,000.

Pre-owned Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch are in demand, typically holding value very well and selling for thousands to eager buyers.

There are several factors that go into determining the value of every Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch including condition, the current fair market value, and more. In general, watches that come with original sales receipts and other paperwork as well as boxes tend to fetch higher prices. And, as you might guess, rare Big Bang models typically attract higher bids.

If you have a Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch and you’re thinking about offering it for sale, we can facilitate the process. Our pre-qualified watch buyers are eager to add watches like yours to their collection, and are willing to pay fairly for the privilege, ensuring that you receive the best possible price.

Who’s the Hublot Big Bang Luxury Watch for?

Well, if you’re into a bit of avant-garde bling, then this is your watch.

Is there anything we would change?

It’s a small thing, but if Hublot softened the lines of the clasp they’d have a more comfortable watch.


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