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How To Spot The Differences Between Verragio Rings

It’s no secret we have a huge crush on our Verragio rings. Verragio was the first premium designer line we added to our showroom, which led to the boom in bridal demand at Raymond Lee Jewelers, and of course the creation of Diamonds by Raymond Lee. So our love story with this particular brand continues, and it’s clear that our couples agree. Brides and grooms alike fall hard for the special touches that make a Verragio ring so special. From nearly infinite customization options, to metal choices that make our hearts sing, these rings all scream out for a discerning hand to wear them. Of course, the best part of a Verragio ring is the handcrafted detail built into each and every design. While every Verragio ring has its own love story to tell, each beautifully designed collection shares traits with its platinum, white gold, rose gold and metal cousins.

Every specific Verragio line has defining characteristics that it shares with its individual handcrafted settings. They’re easy to spot when you spend all day admiring them, but we thought we’d share what makes each collection so special, so that if you’ve fallen in love with a particular detail of a Verragio ring you maybe saw online, you’ll know just which collection to start looking in.


The Parisian collection is romantic, like all Verragio rings, but has a sexy side with its garter gathered accents. There are 4 rose gold bands on the ring’s foundation leading around to its resting point.


The Insignia collection is, appropriately, the signature Verragio collection. The Verragio logo is nestled into the ring’s crown, with two diamond pave scrolls leading to that diamond-accented “V”.


The Couture collection uses breathtaking detail on the rings’ aerial perspectives to create glamorous presence on the hand. With so much emphasis on the center diamond and spotlight diamonds, the rest of the ring is kept simple. The ring’s interior is lined with large French beading that culminates with a diamond accented tapered resting point.


Verragio’s Classic collection has beautiful shared prong set diamonds on its shoulders and the interior is lined with simple, micro-French beading. Just beneath the crown the ring displays a mini version of the Insignia’s trademark scrolls and just the accent diamond, rather than the diamond-studded “V”.


The Paradiso collection was designed with comfort in mind. The interior features diamond-accented scrolls that prevent spinning on the finger and add windows of light from every angle.


The Venetian collection’s rings are by far Verragio’s most intricate. The ring’s inner face features lace scrollwork surrounded by French beading all the way around. The ring’s resting point is marked by a tapered diamond accent.

As you can see, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to a Verragio ring. Each collection boasts its own special touches, it’s just a matter of deciding which ones you like best!

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