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Stylish Halloween Costumes for Men

Stylish Halloween Costumes for Men

Heads up guys, Halloween is in a little over a week. And while the ladies in your life have been planning, buying, creating and dieting to fit into costumes of the creative, hilarious, scary and itty bitty varieties, chances are your costume planning started when you realized October 31st was next week. Fear not, we’re here to help. And our stylish customers enjoy the finer things in life – lycra and polyester costumes aren’t on their list of favorite things. So skip the cheesy (and expensive) run of the mill costumes at the nearest pop up shop, and go as a character that reflects your inherent awesomeness in one of these stylish Halloween costumes for men.

Indiana Jones

Let’s just forget about Crystal Skull and focus on the important fact that this costume requires a leather jacket. So not only do you get to go as the most bada** architect of all time, you’re adding a stylish staple to your wardrobe (bonus points if you already own one) Grab any fedora you’ve got stashed in the closet, or head somewhere like H&M or Urban Outfitters for an affordable new addition. Fill your favorite realistic squirt gun with your #1 whiskey for on the go refreshment that stays in character and frees your other hand up for the whip – just practice self control with both.

Cool Hand Luke

Crib this great costume idea from GQ’s archives (a classic never goes out of style). If you don’t already have a chambray shirt in your wardrobe, now is quite literally the perfect time to add one. Scope out post-summer sales to get a well made and great fitting chambray button down, wear it on Wednesday, and store safely for use in Spring and Summer. Your favorite pair of work boots work for your footwear, and per GQ’s suggestion, lose the pants and stick to white boxers (get it?). Add a Paul Newman Daytona for true commitment.

President Barack Obama

Whichever side of the aisle you’re on will determine how you interpret this POTUS costume. Added props to exaggerate your point are both expected and encouraged. All you need is a power suit, some sweet cufflinks, a TAG Heuer if you’ve got one, and a propensity for Midwestern fillers and pauses. You can add a mask if you’d like, or baby powder to give your hair that leader-of-the-free-world-stress-induced salt n’ pepper. It’s not the most original costume, but neither is that Blind NFL Ref idea you’ve been mulling over (strike ended last month, man).


Yep. There will be 4 more of you at the same party. But you’ll be the best Psy. Why? Because you’ll be wearing a perfectly tailored suit (and thanks to Psy’s love for wardrobe changes, you have plenty of options to choose from) from one of our favorite ninja men’s stores, Bonobos. Add a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers, black & white wingtips, beautiful women in tiny white shifts, and get ready to refuse, under any circumstances, to do the dance.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

While we’re on the topic of memes, what’s more stylish than being really, really ridiculously good looking? You’ll have to save your Zoolander costumer for 2013 at least, but this year you’ve got an easy, flattering, and pop-culturally revered costume ready to go. Zeddie Little had no idea that his winning smile would take over the internet last April, but now you can take advantage of the meme with a burgundy crew neck, some running shorts, sneakers, and a printed marathon sign. The time you’ll save putting together this costume should allow you adequate time to grow out your facial hair and work on looking radiantly handsome at all times.


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