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President Obama Watches: Timeless Timepieces


Not since Kennedy has there been a President with as much style as Barack Obama. He plays ball on a court at the White House, leads the most powerful nation on earth, and seems like he knows what fork to use at dinner. So what timepieces does the sophisticated Chief of State prefer?

Here we see Obama’s most trusted timepiece, a Tag-Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Divers Watch that has been with the President since at least 1992 when he began to teach at the University of Chicago Law School. The watch was a common sight on the campaign trail leading up to the 2008 election.

On his 46th birthday, however, Barack Obama changed up his horological game when the Secret Service agents protecting him during the Presidential campaign gave the candidate a Secret Service Chronograph, purchased at the Secret Service employees’ store. The watch is made especially for the Secret Service by Jorg Gray and appears in the catalog for general consumer purchase as the JGC6500 Chronograph.

The only other watch Barack Obama has been spotted wearing in the last 20 years or so is the Highgear Enduro Compass. The Enduro is water resistant to 50m, has a digital compass with 32 cardinal points and a 24-hour chronograph with 100-lap memory. The run store function seems fitting for the President who values health education and fitness so highly.

Overall it would seem that POTUS favors functionality and dependability from his wristwatches. The TAG-Heuer has been a standby for two decades while he seems to genuinely appreciate the gift from his protection detail and has worn the Secret Service Chronograph regularly since receiving it in 2007.

Matthew H for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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