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Spotlight on: Krieger

Spotlight on: Krieger

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Most luxury watch owners likely won’t use their timepiece to check spring and neap tides but it was precisely the need for an accurate tidal chronometer that led Ira Krieger to design his first watch. A rising tide prevented Krieger’s family boat from passing under a bridge and, realizing the need for a watch that could accurately keep track of the phases of the moon, Ira began the Miami-based Krieger watch company.

Krieger watches range in price from $2000 to $25000 and are known for functional luxury. In 2004 Krieger introduced perhaps their most famous watch, the Gigantium.

The Gigantium is aptly named as it pioneered the oversized watch movement so popular today. The Gigantium has a manual-wound mechanical Swiss movement with 42 hour reserve. A number of interchangeable bands and bracelets are perhaps one of the more attractive features of the Gigantium; Krieger offers a variety of different straps that make the Gigantium versatile enough to wear with anything.

The Mysterium, released in 2005, also pioneered a section of the watch market as the first watch to be made of clear aluminum. Clear aluminum is notoriously difficult to work with and each watch takes up to three months to manufacture. The Mysterium features similar Swiss movement to the Gigantium and interchangeable straps.

The Krieger watch company boasts a celebrity fan-base ranging from Aaron Eckhart to Paris Hilton, putting any owner of the wristwatches in elite company.

Here we see legendary Laker center Shaquille O’Neal sporting a custom-designed Krieger Mysterium watch with a diamond bezel and skeleton dial.

R&B sensation Alicia Keys also sports a Krieger Gigantium, gifted to her by Krieger Watch president Lance Burstyn.

Hilary Duff’s funky and fluffy band showcases one of the many strap options available for Krieger watches.

Matthew H for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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