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Green With Envy For This Android Case

Green With Envy For This Android Case

A phone is a very personal thing and for many there is nothing better than splurging on a great android case that not only protects their phone but also makes it personal and beautiful. However, what if you could buy a phone that is already decked out with diamonds and emeralds? The Savelli emerald studded android case that costs $244 thousand. Though this may seem like an outrageous amount of money for the average buyer, there are already high paying customers lined up for these insanely expensive and luxury phones.

The Swiss brand Savelli has broken into the android phone market with a series of 11 Android powered smart phones that are designed to appeal to women much like fine pieces of jewelry. Though only two of the phones have been released, the line is rumored to be very promising. These phones are made with both design and functionality in mind with elegant designs and premium build materials and quality. The first of this eleven phone series are two emerald studded phones dubbed ‘Emerald Night’ and ‘Emerald Insane.’ These phones are covered with emeralds and are priced at $71,000 and $244,000.

The phones were created as a collaboration with Gemfields. In keeping with the jewelry theme, these phones are only available for purchase at Harrods’ Fine Jewelry Room. The Emerald Night and Emerald Insane phones are limited to 27 pieces in total with all pieces being hand made and custom built with brilliant and baguette cut stones. The brand says they value elegance and beautiful design and these phones reflect that clearly. These phones are elegant, beautiful, and incredibly impressive just to look at without even considering that they also make phone calls.

The overall design of these phones mimics that of other phones released by Savelli but they feature far more bling. Emerald Night is covered in 400 brilliant cut emeralds totaling approximately 3 carats. The phone comes in a rose gold body with an Ultra-Bombe sapphire crystal screen that is both incredibly clear and durable. Only 19 Emerald Night phones will be sold. The more expensive of the two phones, Emerald Insane includes both baguette and brilliant cut emeralds that are set in white gold. The handset includes 75 emeralds that total about 4.5 carats. On top of the already huge number of emeralds, the phone also features 900 diamonds that total about 12.5 carats.

Every emerald that is added to the phone is both hand selected and had cut for consistency and shade. These phones are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect for anyone that wants to dazzle everyone with their phone. Though it is not reasonable to assume that everyone can afford such a pricey phone, it is always fun to dream. The phone can be seen on the Savelli website and in Harrods. These phones are certainly the epitome of fine phones and are certainly worth dreaming of. Though phones encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones and metals are far from new on the scene, these phones are certainly a cut above the rest.


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