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Edwardian Tiara Auction Raises $12,000 For Charity

Edwardian Tiara Auction Raises $12,000 For Charity

Proceeds from the recent sale of an Edwardian diamond tiara were donated to the UK based Cancer Research Leukemia division by a London based vendor. The tiara went up for auction on the seventeenth of April 2014. The piece was donated to the research center by a private donor. The design and unique features of the tiara was inspired by the garland style that was common in the Edwardian era. The piece contains an estimated 10.00 carats of old style cut diamonds and was expected to bring only $8,000 at auction but the final auction price was well in excess of $20,000.

During the Edwardian era wearing tiaras was a symbol of prestige and status and therefore was governed strictly by etiquette. Sadly, there are not many items that are left from that period as many were broken up and pieced out to create other pieces of jewelry. This unique tiara is a rare piece that is left over from that more opulent time. According to history of the piece, the last time it was worn was at a grand family occasion and it is believed that the tiara has not seen the light of day for decades. It is a shame that a piece of this quality has been kept from human eyes for so long but now it has found a new home.

Stephen Whittaker, the director of Fellow Auctioneers that auctioned off the rare piece states that the piece had a great chance of faring well at the auction because of its overall rarity and overall quality. He even stated that the most wonderful thing about the auction is that the money went to a great cause. The piece mimics the style of many tiaras that were worn during the Edwardian period in many paintings of the time. The tiara featured pear shaped webbing, vines, flowers, and more making for an incredibly intricate and beautiful tiara that is a perfect example of an Edwardian piece. This tiara is the perfect example of the fine craftsmanship of the Edwardian period and Edwardian jewelers of the time.

The piece is at once opulent and beautiful without being overly showy. This type of tiara was often worn during balls, family occasions, and on holidays to show status of the wearer. This pieces is incredibly beautiful and was sold to a private buyer. The money that was raised from the auction will be used to further research at the research center. It is not often that a piece of this quality and beauty comes up for auction but now that it has, the research center will be sure to use the money for the betterment of the center.

The auction went off well and the money that was raised from it is going to a great cause. The tiara will be maintained and kept as a symbol of a time that is bygone. Due to the overall rarity of this piece, there is no doubt that this piece will remain intact for years to come and will be part of a collection that will continue to stun for decades. The tiara has since been moved to its new home and the funds have been dispersed to the Cancer center to begin research.


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