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Green With Envy For This Android Case

A phone is a very personal thing and for many there is nothing better than splurging on a great android case that not only protects their phone but also makes it personal and beautiful. However, what if you could buy a phone that is already decked out with diamonds and emeralds? The Savelli emerald studded […]

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An Overview of the The Bejeweled UUnique Lotus Smartphone Case at Harrods

There are a number of very expensive smartphone accessories on the market; however, the Bejeweled UUnique Lotus Smartphone Case at Harrods is in a class all its own. The six-figure price tag is much more than anyone would expect to pay for even a very expensive smartphone; even so, the case has gained the respect […]

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Harrods Hosts One Day Panerai Review

Harrods is held an exclusive one-day preview exhibition on September 18 allowing customers to see the latest timepieces from Panerai within the Harrods Fine Watch Room. As a follow up to the exclusive SIHH Geneva Watch Fair in January, luxury UK department store Harrods has joined with Panerai exclusively in order to preview the Panerai […]

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Get Your Skin Sparkling with Black Diamond Face Cream

There is an unquenchable market for products that make us look younger and feel better about ourselves. Go to any department store and look in the cosmetic aisle for an assortment of anti-aging creams, lotions and potions. They can run from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a jar: such is the case […]