Get Your Skin Sparkling with Black Diamond Face Cream

There is an unquenchable market for products that make us look younger and feel better about ourselves. Go to any department store and look in the cosmetic aisle for an assortment of anti-aging creams, lotions and potions. They can run from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a jar: such is the case with black diamond face cream.

There have even been anti-aging creams made from white diamonds that reportedly boost the skins supply of collagen, the elasticity in your skin that keeps it from sagging. Now, one product has taken that a step further. There is already a waiting list of about 4,000 people for a facial serum that uses rarer black diamonds.

Sold by Harrod’s, 111 Skin range features black diamonds that not only help increase the supply of collagen in the skin like their less expensive counterparts, but they are also are said to absorb and manipulate light rays. The creators say this helps in evening out the tone along with improving the complexion. It is the result of a collaboration between British plastic surgeon Dr. Y Alexandrides and “space scientists” from NASA.

White Gold Black Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

If you’d rather wear black diamond jewelry than rub black diamonds on your face, there’s one jewelry store in Boca Raton ready to give you a much better deal than $900 for a jar of diamond dust.

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