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Gold Rolexes: everything that you need to know about the iconic look

Gold Rolexes: everything that you need to know about the iconic look

gold rolex with green dial and diamond tennis bracelets

This week we are covering absolutely everything that you need to know about gold Rolex watches. The unique and iconic watch is a statement of the luxury lifestyle. A classic look that comes in sportive models and incredibly detailed and unique variations gold Rolex watches are some of the finest luxury watches available on the market. Now you might be wondering what gold does Rolex use to make these incredible fine watches.  The truth is they use gold unlike any other in the world. All forged in their very own foundry. Matching the finest quality raw materials with tried and tested methods of handling and processing. This is done to ensure the Rolex quality. Unmatched although definitely tested throughout the decades. There is nothing like a gold Rolex watch. Not all Rolexes are gold though as there are other fine materials also used by the crowned King of luxury watches. 

gold rolexes cost

From platinum to the world’s strongest stainless steel. Rolex has crafted their very own combination of fine metals to create the incredibly strong, resistant and high polish Oyster steel. Back to gold Rolexes though you might wonder how much a gold Rolex costs and the truth is that it depends on the collection of the watch. As some of the collections feature more complicated and complex watches. This increases the cost significantly as does additional set gem stones like diamonds. For a luxury lifestyle brand like Rolex the addition of precious stones like diamonds is an obvious choice. What else could further elevate the unparalleled prestige of a brand that leads generations of watch makers and collectors? We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have an extensive collection of fine gold Rolex watches at our stores. So you no longer have to wonder where to buy a fine gold Rolex watch. 

The Rolex Foundry – made in Switzerland

gold rolex and tennis bracelet

Nothing says more about a luxury fine watch than where it is made. The iconic home of watchmaking and haute horlogerie is of course Switzerland. After all it is where all of the major watch makers and iconic houses have come from throughout the centuries. The Swiss made mark is one of absolute excellence and a true demonstration of ability and craftsmanship. Further, the Rolex brand with its roots deeply set in Swiss history continue this iconic and historic legacy. All of their finely tuned and expertly made luxury watches are therefore Swiss made to the standards you would expect from the world’s best. And it is not easy to achieve this status of world’s best. No after all it needs to involve an intimate and impeccable devotion to quality. That goes further than simply the quality of the final product, the machinery used, the craftsmen or the design. 

It is also significantly pivotal that the raw materials also be of the finest quality possible. That is why Rolex has their very own foundry. This is where they source their source of excellence. All of the fine precious metals used to create their exceptional products. It comes from a combination of attention to detail as well as strict controls on the manufacturing process. Rolex rigorously tests and selects all of the raw materials used in their watches. This is how they gurantee their unparalleled level of performance. As well as inimitable beauty. These are the materials from the Rolex foundry itself where all of the shine and power of a Rolex watch come from. Creating their own materials by combining specific combinations of unique precious metals Rolex has fabricated their own gold standards including Everose – the world’s only Rolex rose gold. And Oystersteel one of the world’s toughest steels.

gold rolexes

What gold does Rolex use? 

So we mentioned that Rolex creates their own gold combinations in their foundry in order to achieve that level of incredible shine and color. The performance and beauty that one expects from a luxury watch. However, what gold does Rolex use really? The answer to that is a gold alloy mixture fit for day to day wear. That is because Rolex watches are not just fine luxury accessories for their aesthetic value only. They are also high performance super resistant pieces. These metals are crafted into watches that can withstand some of the most intensive conditions in the world. Including the deepest depths, fastest speeds and highest heights. It is by no coincidence therefore that they craft their own unique combination of 18 carat gold for their watches. 

This 18 carat gold alloy si composed of 750‰ (thousandths) of pure gold, with exactly the right mixture of other precious elements to make it strong and wearable. These include silver and copper. They are added to the gold in the necessary amounts in order to produce the different types of 18 carat gold that Rolex watches are made from. Namely yellow, white and Everose, Rolex’s exclusive pink gold alloy we mentioned before. 

Are all Rolexes gold?

gold rolexes

The straight answer to this is no, not all Rolexes are gold. That is because gold is not the only precious metal with which you can make stunning luxury watches. First there are the sportive watches where gold would be unsuitable a material. That is because gold itself is quite a soft precious metal. Hence why it is mixed into an alloy to give it strength and resistance. Further the sportive watches use extremely durable stainless steel. Rolex watches for example in the sportive series are made from a Rolex owned combination resulting in Oystersteel. The toughest and most resilient stainless steel around. The Oystersteel material belongs to the 940L steel family which is really specilly resistant to corrosion. As well as particularly polishable into a glimmering sheen. 

Further there is platinum. The world’s strongest and most durable material by far. Platinum jewelry and luxury accessories – like luxury watches as Rolex creates can also be made from platinum. Rare and extremely precious platinum is known for its silvery whiteness and its vibrant luminosity. Like all other precious metals Rolex uses a specific type of platinum, namely 950 platinum. This is an alloy consisting of 950‰ (thousandths) of platinum and it is generally combined with ruthenium. This allows the metal to be robust enough to be used in watch cases, while maintaining its legendary shine and brilliance.

Are gold Rolexes solid gold?

Yes! What else would you expect from a high luxury accessory from one of the world’s finest brands? The Rolexes that are made now in the four different Rolex sites across Switzerland are all solid 18 carat gold. The Plan Les Ouates site in Geneva is where the cases and bracelets are made in solid gold, platinum and Oyster steel. This is nearby the cionic Geneva Rolex headquarters. The largest Rolex site it is where the best kept foundry alloy combinations are kept and where the genious of design is brought to life. Here they do everything from the casting of the gold and forming of the raw materials to the machining and polishing of finished components for a brand new Rolex watch. Paired with the other two sites as well as the headquarters these four sites are the heartbeat of the iconic Rolex brand.

How much do gold Rolex watches cost?

Gold Rolexes cost quite differently from one another. The first reason for this is ofcourse that there are unique collections each with their own level of complications and movements. As you might have guessed the more complicated a watch the more it will cost. Also we need to consider if there are precious stones, additional metals or other features that can also add to the cost. For example mother of pearl, malachite, diamonds, or a combination of fine metals. So we need to consider both the inner workings of the watch as well as the outer aesthetics. 

gold rolexes for sale

Let us have a look at two unique gold Rolexes for sale: 

Rolex 6917 Datejust 18k Yellow Gold Green Malachite Diamond Dial

First is an all gold 18 carat yellow gold Date Just Rolex watch with a unique Malachite and diamond dial. This striking piece is a Rolex brand icon with the colors and shine that you wold expect. An elegant day or night watch it is one of the more formal and iconic collections from Rolex. The Date Just watch features a gorgeous 18 carat Yellow Gold presidential bracelet with a classic fold over clasp. The bezel is in a matching yellow gold for a totally monochromatic look broken up only by the 26 milimeter evergreen Malachite dial. The addition of diamonds set all around the bezel elevates this classic and iconic time piece to something more closer to a fine jewelry piece.

Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It is found in small qualities around the world and is a striking green color. Beautiful in its own right and outright a perfect fit for a yellow gold Rolex this Malachite dial is turned up with even more additional diamonds at the hour markers around the dial. The date window on this Date Just watch can be found at the usual 3 o’clock mark under the iconic oculus. 

Rolex 218235 Day Date 18k Rose Gold Black Dial Watch

Another stunning gold Rolex is this Everose piece – remember Rolex’s own rose gold alloy? It is a stunning Day Date watch with a contrasting black dial surrounded by rose gold. The dial on this time piece is the classic fluted bezel that is instantly recognizable for the brand. However the rose gold makes this a more modern style of watch. The contrasting black bringing a super unique look to this gold Rolex. While this watch itself does not feature any accent diamonds we suggest pairing it up with a tradiitonal tennis bracelet. To change it up a bit we have matched it with an emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet as you can see below to continue with the modern look. 

Gold rolex black dial with emerald cut tennis diamond bracelet

Where to buy gold Rolex watch – Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

To buy a gold Rolex you want to know that you are getting the real deal. You want to deal with experts and trustworthy sellers. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have been working with the purchase and sale of fine gold Rolex watches for the last three decades in Boca Raton. Further the expert craftsmen that make up part of our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family have been in and out of gold Rolexes for even longer! It is a passion and an absolute obsession. So you know that each and every single gold Rolex that comes through us has been put through a rigorous inspections, maintenance and testing. Our craftsmen have deep knowledge of the watches and have gone beyond simple repairs. They have been responsible for super unique ultra fabulous upgrades including crafting custom diamond bezels. Beyond their usual tune ups and change ups to Rolex watches.

Whether that is changing a dial for a different color or precious stone or the addition of diamonds and emeralds. They know what they are about and together we are all committed to briging you the highest quality service possible. Overall it is our goal to ensure you have everything you could wish for at our stores. It is why we have expanded to make it even more convenient to drop by. Whether you are getting your watch tuned up, turned up or repaired with our in house workshop. All of the Rolexes in our collection are fine timepieces that encompass the entire Rolex line. We have everything from sportive series to formal collections and everything in between. Come check out our shops any day of the week! 

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