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Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

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Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

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A trendy and exclusive watch is an authentic style statement in the modern era. A functional and practical piece turned into an elegant style accessory cannot be anything else but a lux statement; this is because with all the various gadgets we tend to carry around these days such as phones and tablets, we all know what time it is.
Timepieces have now become an ultimate style statement. The watches you wear speak volumes about you and are good indicators of your lifestyle, taste and personality.
The Rolex brand, as we all know, is synonymous with luxury and success. It is mainly because the company prides itself on its beautifully crafted and precise timepieces. People who like rewarding themselves for success, or simply want to dress for the future, plan to convey their brilliant plans using a precision timepiece, like Rolex.
Although there is no denying that a Rolex is definitely worth the purchase, not all of us who deserve a Rolex could afford to buy a brand new one. However, do not worry if buying a new Rolex will put a big dent in your budget. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee can help you provide an alternative. If you can’t afford a new Rolex model or want a specific model that is not produced any longer, then a pre-owned Rolex watch is the best way to go. rolex daytona boca raton
If you buy a previously owned Rolex, you could enjoy a stylish and precise watch for only a small fraction of the cost of a new one. A lot of individuals prefer to buy a pre-owned luxury such as Rolex for a variety of different reasons. The low price and rare design are just two of them. There are plenty of other benefits of purchasing vintage timepieces as they have a unique place and great value in our culture.
For more than thirty years, we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are committed to providing customers in Boca Raton our comprehensive range of pre-owned Rolex watches and premium-quality diamond jewelry. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will be able to ensure you get the right pre-owned Rolex that not only accentuates your wrist, but can also save your hard-earned dollars.
We have several legitimate reasons why you will benefit considerably from buying a pre-owned Rolex watch instead of going for brand new one. These reasons would appeal to any person carefully weighing out all the pros and cons and would turn the toss-up into a no-brainer. Here are the main benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolex in Boca Raton from Diamonds by Raymond Lee.
Big Discounts
Did you know that when you visit a car dealership, and buy that new luxury car you have dreamed of, the value of your new car depreciates by about 11% as you drive it off the lot?

This is a ridiculously high amount, for most buyers, considering the fleeting thirty seconds you have actually owned the car. It is one of the first and foremost things you often learn when you buy a brand new car.
Sorry to say, the same concept is applicable to a high-end watch (like Rolex) as well when you purchase it new from an authorized dealer. However, the good news is that you can easily avoid it by buying a pre-owned Rolex, as the first owner has already taken the financial hit for you. Isn’t that great!diamond rolex boca raton
The safest and easiest way to buy a pre-owned luxury watch like Rolex is to buy it from an independent and reputable watch dealer such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee. As one of the leading pre-owned Rolex dealers in Boca Raton, we weed out the unacceptable and aftermarket, perform a thorough factory style service, and offer an extended warranty compared to the original warranty attached. In addition, we will not subject you to an authorized dealer’s fees, like those you will incur when buying from a car dealership.
And if that sounds good but you would still want something as new as possible, there is another solution for you. There are many Rolex watches in the market which are “never worn,” for example, where the owners have never removed the plastic seals. Similarly some Rolex watches have been worn only slightly, maybe because the buyers walked out of the authorized dealership only to decide the watch was not for them.
Another reason could be that the Rolex sat in a safety deposit box or safe, and believe us it is more common than you might think. You may not know it but there are a lot of Rolex watches out there which have been in very similar situations. Sometimes, it takes a while to get your hands on one of them, but when you do, you will be glad.

More Extensive Collection of Rolex Watches To Choose From

Although purchasing a brand new Rolex certainly has its distinct advantages, the truth is that you are limited in choice to purchasing Rolex models that are currently on sale. In case the collection gets a makeover, it is likely that the Rolex you had your heart set on may not be a part of it. Also keep in mind that many limited edition models of luxury watches are only sold new for a brief period of time.
On the other hand, if you go on the second hand Rolex market, you can find a much wider array of Rolex models you can choose from. If you browse the Diamonds by Raymond Lee store, you will find several discontinued models, previous versions of current models, and extremely rare timepieces.
We thought that an excellent way to explain this is to determine the various combinations that are available just on a popular yellow gold Rolex called the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster. Keep in mind that if we only consider the base Pearlmaster bracelet, this specific model has at least ten dials (or faces) and two bezel options you can choose from. It comes out to forty five different possibilities in only this single example.rolex pearlmaster boca raton
Shopping online via the resource of a reliable and independent dealer like Diamonds by Raymond Lee allows you to find just what you are looking for rather than settling for what is available in the showcase in front of you.

Rolex Watches Are Designed and Built To Last

Many people think that purchasing a pre-owned Rolex means getting a watch that has a limited shelf-life; however, this is simply not true. Actually, unlike the massive number of bulk-produced watches on the market which might only serve you well for about two to three years, a Rolex watch is manufactured using premium materials and is designed to keep working for several years to come.
The vast majority of used Rolex watches can be restored to full working order with a little servicing, and can easily serve you for many years. Moreover, used Rolex watches are often sold with a warranty of at least one year. This will make sure you are fully covered in the unlikely case that you do face any problem with your elegant timepiece.

A Pre-Owned Rolex Can Even Appreciate In Value

In many situations, the pre-owned Rolex you have purchased can actually appreciate in value with the passage of time. This may happen due to a variety of reasons. The Rolex model may get discontinued, which can instantly make it much rarer, hence the rise in value; or new technology might make a previous model a collector’s item.
A lot of people also view pre-owned Rolex watches as a profitable investment opportunity. In case the model is a little damaged, the cost to fix it might be very small; however, the increase in value for fixing the watch may be very substantial. You may also be able to perform certain modifications to your Rolex watch to drive up its value.
Incremental Updates
Ever wondered why the Louis Vuitton Speedy or Chanel flap bag continues to be an incredibly popular luxury staple for many women’s wardrobe and retains its resale value? Especially when you compare it to several other trendy handbag collections that fashion houses tend to put out every season.
It is because these fantastic bags have basically looked, more or less, the same for many years. Just like the Rolex Submariner or Datejust, these bags have established themselves as antonyms of trendy; a product that is always on point, can hold your style together, and is so classic and beautiful that only incremental updates are needed.chanel bag with rolex boca raton
Updates or changes that happen to a majority of Rolex models are far and few between, with every prior generation looking almost identical to the newer self; these Rolex models appreciate in value instead of becoming obsolete or outdated.
For example, you will realize that the differences between, say, a Rolex Datejust from 2002 and 1992 are miniscule. There were not any changes to the watch’s bracelet, mechanical movement or sapphire crystal. That being said, there were only some minor changes in the way the bracelet attached itself to the case head or with respect to the materials the company used on the dial. These are details only an enthusiast or expert would notice provided they were really looking for them. On the other hand, for many regular people these differences would go unnoticed.
The same is applicable if you compare a conventional-style 2002 Rolex Datejust to its contemporary version or new-style 2007. If you hold the two watches side by side, you will observe that there are just a couple of minor differences with respect to the style of polishing or weight, making for only a small number of hardware and stylistic upgrades. This is a testament to the fact that Rolex is proud to stay true to the original aesthetic of Datejust, allowing customers the luxury to own a prior era while achieving the prestige and stature of owning a Rolex at the same time.
Therefore, if your tight budget puts you in the range of 2004 or older – or if you just like the previous style much better for any number of reasons – keep in mind that it is not seen as obsolete or inferior in style, class or status. It is worth reiterating that every timepiece is an elegant and gorgeous work of art that has its own unique story which belongs to you. It is established in cultural and horological history and is appreciated by the general public and collectors alike.

Your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Would Be Restored To Like-New

For people who are contemplating buying a second-hand product it is perfectly okay to wonder or even worry about its physical appearance or visible condition. And it goes without saying that the same thought process also applies when you are buying a pre-owned Rolex.
Just like others you might be worried that the Rolex watch would look worn or shabby, that it would have a lot of scratches, or that it would be discolored or dented.
That being said, on the whole, Rolex models are sufficiently robust and durable to endure everyday use with style and elegance without showing obvious signs of abrasion or wear and tear.
In addition, all of the pre-owned Rolex models sold through Diamonds by Raymond Lee are thoroughly and carefully serviced and cleaned before being sold; this ensures that the watch you purchase looks as good as new.

Some of the popular Rolex models available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee include:

rolex submariner boca raton

The Submariner

The Submariner is considered the most coveted and classic sports watch of all time; it is a true icon. Some celebrities that love to wear this watch include Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Sean Connery. Often considered the best diving watch in the world, the Submariner is a symbol of good taste, success, fine craftsmanship, rugged elegance as well as a love for the sea.
The maiden Submariner debuted way back in 1954 and Sean Connery worn it as Agent 007 in the initial four James Bond movies; this forever cemented its desirability and reputation. The watch was also adopted and endorsed by Britain’s Royal Navy.

The Explorer II

rolex explorer II boca raton

Some famous fans of this incredible timepiece include Tom Hardy, Prince Harry and Jason Statham. The Explorer II is considered a bolder adaptation of the Explorer; it is made for people who are not looking for a diving watch or just want to highlight other capabilities and aspects of a watch.
The Explorer II has a top notch-integrated compass function, making it unique and distinct in the watch world. The latest model of this watch is a great tribute to the original made in 1971, which got famous by its association with American actor Steve McQueen. Keep in mind that the original orange hand was designed to help polar adventurers and cave explorers tell at just a glance if it was day or night.
Also, the Explorer II has a more contemporary appearance compared to the Submariner; however, it has equally sporty associations but is seen less commonly. And only few realize that this watch actually costs more.
You Will Purchase like a True Collector
Keep in mind that what we have just laid out in open for you is basically the key differences between the standard retail structure and purchasing a Rolex from a reliable and independent online watch dealer such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee. The way each company is organized can either accentuate or hinder what they can do for you.
That being said, we realize that we can reason it out for different type of customers all day; however, what it essentially boils down to is the kind of individual you are.

The Daytona

It is one of the most coveted and exclusive Rolex models, and is especially designed for race car drivers so that they can easily keep track of their speed using its unique tachymeter scale that can calculate miles per hour.
Some of the vintage examples of The Daytona particularly the rare variant popularized by Paul Newman could fetch north of $1 million at auctions.
Keep in mind that the earliest models of Daytona appeared back in 1963, and were named after the famous Florida racetrack where a lot of speed records were set by enthusiasts and where Rolex has always been the official timekeeper. You may be surprised to know that there is a rather long waiting list to purchase a new watch and most boutiques struggle to keep these timepieces in stock for long.
And also expect to shell out twice as much, or maybe more, for the Daytona as you will for the Submariner. Some notable fans of this watch are John Mayer, Paul Newman and Ed Sheeran.
You will Purchase like a True Collector
Keep in mind that what we have just laid out in open for you is basically the key differences between the standard retail structure and purchasing a Rolex from a reliable and independent online watch dealer such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee. The way each company is organized can either accentuate or hinder what they can do for you.
That being said, we realize that we can reason for different type of customers all day; however, what it essentially boils down to is the kind of individual you really are.
The Indifferent
It is worth noting that there are some people out there who would always purchase a new watch from an authorized dealer. An indifferent person has a need to buy a product that has tags on it in order to satisfy his or her psychological requirement. In these cases, this psychological need would always trump reasoning.
These indifferent buyers do not usually mind that they are a just another number and are subject to retail margin and tax. They are often blinded and overtaken by impulse or mesmerized and captivated by what the brick-and-mortar stores have to offer. Also, these types of buyers do not even consider the salesperson’s priorities or passion for fine and exclusive timepieces, or lack thereof.
Keep in mind that there would always be some people who find it simpler and easier to buy this way.
The Collector
Even in case you are looking to purchase your first Rolex or would not exactly call yourself as collector, you can still purchase like a collector if you go for a pre-owned Rolex. This is because collectors do not often purchase brand new watches (except for the initial release of a model). This is because they really understand the game. It is something that you play and excel at, choosing not to be a mere pawn.
An enthusiast or collector is equally interested in the buying process as he is in the final result. He/she appreciates what they can gain from the purchase and also the savvy culture that surrounds it.
What you should value even more is the fact that if you purchase from an independent and reliable watch dealer, such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee, you will get a Rolex watch from collectors and enthusiasts who are equally passionate as you.
We have recruited the best talent to satisfy our clients. Our watchmakers are fervent and experienced with several years of professional training and the desire to provide the best Rolex for each individual client. As a result, not only will you work with enthusiasts with years of experience, but also the unmatched passion and dedication for their trade. This is truly reflected in each and every Rolex that they send out.
In our opinion, a true collector can easily recognize someone who shares the same values and ideals. Obviously, at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we understand our priorities and intentions. We have the highest standards of quality, passion as well as customer service, which set us apart from our competitors. We know that with these qualities, we will always stand out.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it-all the reasons to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch. We offer an extensive selection of inventory, convenience, continuous style, and the unique opportunity to save on excessive markup and tax that are likely to end up costing you much more in the end.
Keep in mind that in today’s world, a majority of enthusiasts and true collectors not only refuse to stay indifferent, but they also fully understand all of the benefits from buying from a reliable and independent dealer such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee.
All our Rolex models are provided by high-quality and reliable sources; also, our trained watchmakers perform detailed inspections on each watch before purchase. So, we can guarantee that you would get a 100 percent authentic Rolex watch that has been represented honestly through our listings.


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