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Benefits of Financing Engagement Rings Through Your Jeweler

Benefits of Financing Engagement Rings Through Your Jeweler

Source: Raymond Lee Jewelers

An engagement ring is a vital part of any relationship for a number of reasons. Everyone knows “Diamonds are a girls best friend,” and it’s usually the man’s job to provide his significant other with the best diamond(s) to suit her.

It is suggested that a gentleman to spend 3 months of income on an engagement ring, but a majority of bachelors don’t necessarily have that on hand when they know the time is right. Finding the best financing options for the ring of your dreams is essential in planning a memorable and life-long proposal.

Financing through your jeweler is beneficial for a number of reasons. The free space on your revolving credit can be beneficial for a newly engaged couple, many jewelers offer incentives to finance through them, and financing through your trusted jeweler can make your purchase infinitely more manageable.

The first thing on everyone’s mind after a fairy tale proposal is of course, a fairy tale wedding. Setting a date can be stressful as many arrangements need to be in order, and finances need to be available. Often couples finance wedding options and arrangements on credit, which may have not been available if the ring were purchased through an individual’s credit limit. If a ring takes a bit longer to pay off, or it’s financed through a private creditor, it opens up so many doors for the new couple: the ability to purchase a marital home, plan a family, or travel together.

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers many incentives for suitors to finance engagement rings. 6 months of free interest are available, allowing purchasers time to pay off the ring without the necessity of paying interest. Other incentives, like low longer-term APR and no pre-payment penalties are available.

Financing engagement rings through your jeweler makes the buying experience much more streamlined and manageable. In most occasions, you can take the ring home on the same day to not further postpone your divine engagement!

Consider financing through a trusted jeweler like Raymond Lee Jewelers. The incentives make the experience worth while, and it’s a much more versatile option than financing through credit cards or spending cash that you could be putting toward your combined nest egg.


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