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Jewelry Essentials for Men

Jewelry Essentials for Men

When we think of jewelry, the image of a delicate bracelet, an expensive necklace or a diamond ring often comes to mind. In other words, when we think of jewelry we think of a woman. But let’s not exclude men from these luxury items all together. Below you’ll find men’s jewelry ideas that aren’t just a push in the right direction, but what I consider to be jewelry essentials for most men.


Buying necklaces for men is more difficult than buying him a watch or a ring. Most men wear necklaces that have meaning, that express their personality, or a necklace that states simplicity-so when you’re looking to buy a masculine necklace, consider these tendencies before making your purchase. This David Yurman chain necklace is a wonderful idea for any man, no matter what his personality. It’s also a reflection of simplicity. When you’re buying male necklaces (or any jewelry for men), you never want to go over the top. Think Mr. T…and then go the other way.


Men love watches. It’s hard to make the wrong decision with designs like the Rolex Air King 1400 on the market. It’s made of stainless steel and offers features like an 18k white gold bezel and ebony dial. While it’s true that here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we love Rolex, there are a variety of brands to your choosing. Below is the Breitling for Bentley D13362 two tone Gents Watch. It’s made of a collection of 18k gold and sterling silver, but it’s main attraction is the royal blue dial with chronograph features. It’s a face you can’t take your eyes off of.


A ring is the most popular male jewelry item to date, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find that special someone a breathtaking design. You can stick with the classic silver and gold designs, an excellent choice in choosing the ideal masculine ring; or you can get flashy and unconventional, like the 14k yellow gold diamond and ruby ring shown below.


For a formal night out, a cufflink is a subtle yet charming addition to a man’s outfit. This small piece of jewelry is an absolute essential for any guy who considers himself “business chic.” For those shopping for gift ideas, choose sterling silver cufflinks, as it will go with practically every French cuff shirt. A great suggestion is something similar to the Tiffany and Co. Atlas Sterling Silver cufflinks shown below. Not too flashy. Just classy.

Every man should own at least one of these essentials in their jewelry collection, and I’m not talking about large rings and designer watches only. Think outside of the box and buy a necklace, or perhaps a bracelet. You’ll be surprised at how much it can improve an outfit.

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