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Perfect Easter Jewelry

Perfect Easter Jewelry

Easter necklace

Easter is great time to start putting together a new wardrobe and many people like to kick off this new season with a beautiful new Easter outfit. During this time of year Easter celebrations abound and you will want to look your loveliest as you celebrate springtime with you friends and family. Most people do not consider their Easter jewelry however when they are putting together their Easter outfits. So here are a few jewelry ideas that will really tie your Easter outfit together this year.

Inspirational Jewelry

Rose Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

For many Easter is a time of reflection and inspiration. That is why inspirational jewelry is a great choice with you Easter outfits. Easter is often associated with religious thought, and for this reason jewelry which features crosses or the saints are often a beautiful way to not only complement your Easter outfit, but to also express your religious sentiments at this time of year.

Other forms of inspirational jewelry include quote jewelry, namely, necklaces. Inspirational quote jewelry is often a lovely Easter gift for someone, especially if there is something important you are wanting to express to them at this special time of year. Sometimes a quote can say it better than we ever could.

Easter Trends

Easter necklace

Another fun way to really dress up your Easter attire is with beautiful spring jewelry trends this year. Some of the trends for spring this year are really fun and easy to incorporate into your Easter style. Yellow gold is making a comeback which always adds a classy touch to any elegant outfit. Another spring trend is stacking rings in order to create a one of kind glamourous look. This is an easy look to create with exiting jewelry and just a few new additional pieces. Spring is always a great time to break out some color and what better way to do that than with colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are growing in popularity and many people appreciate this because in many cases colored diamonds are somewhat less expensive than white diamonds. This is definitely a spring trend you can live with.

Estate Ippolita Wonderland necklace with a touch of Marsala.

Color trends include purples, pinks and red inspired by Pantone’s color of the year “Marsala.” Although not every one fell in love with Marsala itself, there are lots of closely related colors that really complement the spring spirit you might be feeling right now. While we are talking about colors, we can’t forget Chanel’s “Rainbows” on the runways this year. Maybe “Rainbows” was a little too bold for most people’s taste, but it is definitely a jumping off place for lots of great clothing and jewelry ideas this spring as people start experimenting with more colors and in more interesting ways. Layering colors with bold colored bracelets or other jewelry is a great way to break out of your jewelry rut and do something new this spring.


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