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Newest Celebrity Engagements, Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Break Ups

Newest Celebrity Engagements, Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Break Ups

It seems like celebs have much more torrid love lives than the rest of us. Tabloids constantly report a barrage of celebrity engagements, celebrity weddings and celebrity break ups. And while we certainly have a vested interest in the bling that accompanies these stories, it remains juicy gossip in general! Here’s whats new and now in celebrity wedding land.


Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb are reportedly engaged. Sofia and Nick are celebrating her 40th birthday in Mexico with 90 of her closest family and friends. Pictures from the trip show Sofia wearing what looks like an enormous diamond on a very particular finger. Conflicting sources have both confirmed and denied the engagement, but with a rock liek that, we’re leaning towards betrothed.

 Calling it Off!

When Harry Potter stars Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower (also of Twilight fame) announced their engagement in 2010, it seemed like purely magical young love. Now, however, both stars have publicly confirmed that they have called off their engagement. Bower has recently been spotted holding hands with Lily Collins, who starred in Snow White.


Chad Ochocinco, Dancing with the Stars alumni and NFL player married his fiancee Evelyn Lozada last Wednesday in Miami. If you follow Chad on Twitter, no doubt you’ll already know that he Live Tweeted the wedding. But his Twitter involvement didn’t stop there – Chad also invited a recently widowed follower and fan to the wedding, all expenses paid.

Chatting About THE Ring!

If you haven’t seen Jessica Biel’s engagement ring from Justin Timberlake, take a look now. We’ll wait. Back? Ok, then we’re all in agreement that it’s massive, and perhaps you agree that it’s beautiful. Jessica, perhaps, may disagree, as she’s telling InStyle that she had “no say whatsoever” in her engagement ring! Now, this quote might just imply that her ring was a lovely surprise, but it does seem a little bit different from Jessica’s typical low-key style.

Celebrating One Year!

Today Kate Moss and Jamie Hince are celebrating their one year anniversary. Last year’s rockstar-meets-fairy garden nuptials were truly breathtaking. In fact, we still love looking at Kate Moss’s wedding dress. The couple was reportedly planning to review their vows, but so far no reports have surfaced of the “boozy music festival” that was supposed to take place.

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