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5 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

5 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

You only exchange wedding rings once, or at least that’s the idea, unless you decide to renew your vows. But in the meantime, you want everything to go right. It may be your special day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave something for your guests that they can appreciate.

While some couples opt for handing out soap bubbles, candied almonds that go stale, sappy poems, or worse a live fish, there are gifts that can be made to look attractive while still serving a practical purpose.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are widely used to commemorate special occasions and places,and even those who don’t drink alcohol find a way to display them. It also helps that they’re small and won’t take up room on a knick knack shelf or in the cupboard. Traditional glass shot glasses with your last name and date of your wedding can be etched in, or you can do the same thing with stainless steel. You can also have unique shaped shot glasses, such as mason jars or mini mugs. Some will even hold an LED tea light, making your present like two gifts in one.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Nearly everyone uses salt and pepper, and why should your guests have to wait around for have these passed to them, when they can get their own from you? You can easily show your love by choosing dove shaped shakers or peas in a pod.

Jar of Jam

A mini jar of jam is just big enough to leave a quick message of appreciation, and as long as you keep it under three ounces, out of town guests should be able to take it on the plane.

Bottle Opener

Bottle openers never seem to be close at hand when you need one, so your guests will be glad to get one in their gift bag. To avoid too much predictability, try something like these wedding band bottle openers etched with the date of your ceremony.


Everyone carries key, sometimes multiple sets, and having a distinguished key chain gives each set its own “personality” — you can even carry multiple key chains at once, which means everyone has a place for a custom key chain.


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