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Aisle Style: Krikor Jabotian Wedding Dresses

Aisle Style: Krikor Jabotian Wedding Dresses

Women begin dreaming of the perfect wedding dress when they are just girls. Those dreams just intensify the older you get. Finding a dress that can live up to those expectations is a daunting task. But that task may have just got a little easier thanks to Krikor Jobotian.

Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian has been wowing brides around the world since the debut of his “Chapter One” collection. Now he has released his new collection, and though many thought it impossible, he might have actually outdone himself.

Jobotian’s “Closure” collection is a perfect balance between elegant and whimsical. He has definitely given voice to the wedding dreams of many women’s hearts. We especially love how Jobotian dresses are perfect for modern and vintage weddings alike. Jobotian has taken many 1920’s over the top elements and modernized them for today’s bride.

Brides want their dress to be both spectacular and one of a kind. There is definitely no other single element of the wedding that a bride will focus as much attention on. Jobotian has zeroed in on the spectacular, elegance of couture in his newest collection, “Closure.”

Each dress in the collection is an individual work of art in its own right. But when you view the collection together you can see that Jobotian’s collection is also a seamless master mosaic.

After graduating from design school, Jobotian worked in with other designers until he felt he was ready to showcase his own work independently. He met with great success and was able to begin his own business at only 23 years old. Jobotian felt his career was really flourishing when his family was able to join him in many aspects of his design team.

It is apparent to brides around the world, that Jobotian will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming decades as his work continues to fulfill women’s wedding fantasies.


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