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J Lo Vintage Jewelry Birthday Present

J Lo Vintage Jewelry Birthday Present

When you think of Jennifer Lopez, also known as J Lo, what comes to mind? Of course, a string of failed relationships probably pops up, but then you imagine her fashion sense. Few entertainers have worn so little yet said so much with their attire as Jennifer has at awards shows and performances. Frequently, those lavish outfits are adorned with jewels that wow the audience with their sparkle as she moves across the stage. It’s no wonder that Jenny from the block received some stunning jewelry from her boyfriend on her birthday.

This year, Ms. Lopez turned 44; although, we don’t think she looks a day over 30! Her beau Casper Smart lived up to his name by purchasing a birthday gift even Jennifer couldn’t ignore: a vintage gold and diamond bracelet from the 1970s and a 1940s ring of the same materials. Smart was hoping to purchase something different from what the starlet had received before, and she loved it. You know that you’d be impressed, too.

Vintage jewelry makes a bold statement because you can find styles that are no longer popular, so the pieces appear more unique when everyone around you is wearing modern jewelry. In fact, if you purchase something that was owned by a wealthy millionaire of yesteryear and isn’t available from a chain jewelry store, you can almost guarantee that your ring or pendant is one of a kind!

Of course, if traditional jewelry isn’t up your alley, you might luck out when hitting up an estate jeweler by finding something in a style that was avant-garde at the time but fits in with today’s fashion seamlessly.

You might not be able to live out your dream of being a movie and pop star like Jennifer Lopez, but buy investing in a unique piece of vintage jewelry, you can certainly feel like a star. If you have an upcoming birthday, why not drop a few hints to your loved ones?


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