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4 Big Baguette Centric Nature-Inspired Cluster Diamond Rings

4 Big Baguette Centric Nature-Inspired Cluster Diamond Rings

insect inspired diamond ring

If you love diamond rings that produce a major wow factor, you are going to love what we have in store for you here. We pulled four extraordinary diamond rings from our exquisite collection at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. They all have a few things in common. The rings are vintage-inspired, incredibly unique, baguette and multi-shape diamond centric, and they have cluster settings with luster and sparkle that only avant-garde diamond cutting and expert craftsmanship could achieve. Moreover, they are BIG… 

The designs of these four rings were inspired by nature and the Victorian era, among other classic jewelry eras. There are flower motifs, bypass settings, and various diamonds shapes and sizes, all of which create radiant contrast that is so impressive, so stunning, so distinct, you will instantly have your breath taken away. These diamond rings will be the focal point of any outfit. They are made for those who love glitz and glamour, elegance and beauty, and vintage appeal with modern sophistication.

If you want a diamond ring that has a brilliant effect at parties, gatherings, and under bright lights of a red carpet event or the sunshine of the primaveral day, any of these four rings will provide that in a way you never even imagined. 

18K White Gold 3.05Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Open Flower Ring

multi shape diamonds

We are going to go out on a limb here and say all women love flowers…real flowers, that is, as artificial flowers could never compare to the real thing. Right?

The smell, feel, elegance, and authenticity of a real flower can never be matched by their faux counterpart. Real flowers, of course, won’t last as long, but there’s beauty in that too…

All that being said, there is one exception to this truth, and that exception is – flowers made from diamonds! It’s not a real flower, but it is a real, natural, Mother Earth creation. It’s a “flower” with more arguably more beauty, elegance and luster, and it lasts forever

This baguette, multi-shape diamond open flower ring is the perfect example of why diamonds in the form of a flower are so appealing. It combines two of women’s favorite things in the world, flowers and diamonds. 
flower inspired diamond ring

The ring is crafted from 18K white gold and it features multiple diamonds shapes to create its two floral structures. The larger diamond flower uses 9 baguette diamonds (6 square and 3 rectangular) to create its “pistil” (the center of a flower). The petals are made from shapely pear diamonds of different sizes and one marquise cut diamond. As for the smaller flower on the right, it is designed using a round brilliant diamond at the center and pear and marquise diamonds for the “corolla” (which is just a fancy botany word for petal). 

Altogether, there are 3.05 carats of diamonds, including the round brilliants the run along the top of the ring’s band. However, it appears to be much more, as this floral motif diamond ring is BIG. It’s a ring that will never go unnoticed. It is glitzy, elegant and extraordinarily unique. The various diamond shapes all create their own kind of shine and polarity. The step cut baguettes diamond offer gorgeous luster and de rigueur diamond grandeur, while the brilliant cut diamonds scintillate with fiery radiance. It’s the best of diamonds in all in one. 

If you love flowers and diamonds and you want a contemporary cocktail ring that impresses even the hardest to impress, this white gold open flower diamond ring is the one. It is the ultimate expression of opulent femininity. 

Multi-Shape Insect & Flower Bypass Cocktail Ring

insect inspired ring

Springtime is not just for flowers, it’s for insects too! 

Now, you might not think “beautiful” when you hear the word insect, but if you look deep into nature, you can see just how beautiful some insects are. They are considered genteel, nurturing and virtuous. This is why they have been the feature of many jewelry pieces since as far back as the Victorian era. As a matter of fact, especially the Victorian era. 

Back when Charles Darwin released his controversial theory of evolutionary biology (1859, On the Origin of Species), people became deeply fascinated with the natural world. Everyone wanted to reconnect with nature. Jewelry makers began creating gorgeous pieces with insect and animal motifs. Insects were particularly popular, as when you look closely, there are so many magnificent bugs, like glasswinged butterflies, ladybugs, and christmas beetles. Inspiration is everywhere in the bug world. Moreover, the actual size of these little creatures made them perfectly fitting for rings and earrings. 

In a world that is continually urbanizing, a touch of nature is extremely refreshing. 

For those who want to connect with nature and bring some fauna into your life, this nature style diamond ring is a great choice. It is ultra-modern in appearance, however, it has a vintage mindset at its core. If jewelers of the Victorian era had modern technology for diamond cutting and jewelry crafting, this is a piece you’d imagine them creating. If you were to bring this back in time to the 1800s, you’d blow away the Queen with a piece like this. One could say she might even bug out. 

The ring is absolutely breathtaking and although it looks like two pieces, it is actually one ring. It is a bypass ring, which means the ends of the band never connect with each other, they simply pass right by, creating two centerpieces. Even though bypass rings have been around for a long time,  it provides a very distinct and contemporary look. It’s a style that you won’t see often, so you don’t know if its vintage or new in design. What you will know is it’s stunning and unique. 

floral and insect inspired jewelry
A vintage-inspired ring with modern beauty and roots of the Victorian era.  

This 18K white gold diamond cocktail bypass ring epitomizes the words “nature inspired”. It takes both a floral and an insect motif and combines it into one piece. Just like the natural world, where there’s a flower, there’s an insect somewhere close by. In this case, it is right above the flower, ready to eat its sweet, sweet nectar…

The ring’s top centerpiece is a motif of a big, fat, beautiful butterfly. The body of this diamond butterfly is made from 8 baguette diamonds and 4 round brilliant diamonds, and the wings are made from pear diamonds. 

The bottom centerpiece is crafted using the same setting and diamond shapes. You could interpret this piece as two butterflies flying away from each other or a butterfly flying away from its latest meal. That’s the beauty of art, it’s up for interpretation. No matter how you look at it, one thing we are sure of is this piece is incredibly eye-catching and exquisitely and completely original(…it is literally one-of-a-kind).

Together, both motifs unite in that they are baguette diamond centric. It creates a wonderful harmonious look, a feeling that we often get when looking out into nature…

All in all, this bypass ring is one of those “the sky is the limit” pieces.  It is full of fire, brilliance, scintillation, and clarity. What’s more, it is so large, it takes up almost the entire finger! For our diamond lovers out there who appreciate nature, we already know you just fell in love with this piece. We did too, which is why we added it to our collection of fine diamond rings. For one lucky woman out there, this ring is awaiting your ownership. It’s ready to fly away and show its beauty to the world from the top of your finger.

Want to make this ring yours? See the full sales listing for this 18K White Gold 3.63Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Bypass Ring

18K White Gold 5.43Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Flower Cluster Ring

flower inspired jewelry

Here’s another enormous flower motif diamond ring with show-stopping sparkle. 

This ring is sure to trigger a major dopamine release. And it’s more than just a flower, it’s a complete bouquet! 

The ring uses a cluster setting and multiple shapes of diamonds. Cluster settings are extremely popular right now. Not only are they unique, they have vintage flare, they look bigger, and they cause a lot more attraction. Especially when you are dealing with a 5.43 carat cluster ring with baguette, pear, round and marquise diamonds.

We can confidently say this ring is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It takes up the entire lower finger, plus some. It is a ring worthy of a queen, and with this type of design, we think Queen Victoria would have blessed this ring with her finger…or better yet, this ring would have blessed her finger. With all due respect.
flower inspired ring

It’s a new era where we are seeing diamond floral motifs booming in popularity among women with serious spending power. They want nature-esque designs and they aren’t afraid of overstated pieces. This ring fits the bill flawlessly. It defines grandeur. It’s vintage at heart but epochally cutting edge in its demeanor. With its majestic, deliberate design, your eyes will keep moving across its large white gold and diamond floral bouquet composition, never wanting to take your eyes off it. Neither will those who are in your presence. Again, it is a true show stopper.

Like the other rings, it offers various types of diamond shine. You have clarity and modern allure with the baguettes, and icy flair with the modified brilliants. 

If you want a ring that will captivate people at events and formal gatherings, this one will do the job, to say the least. It will be a talking point anytime you wear it, so prepare for that. You can wear it with dresses and other diamond jewelry, creating a look that is unrivaled in sophistication and grace, femininity and beauty. 

Love it? Need it? See the full sales listing for this 18K White Gold 5.43Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Flower Cluster Ring

Baguette Shape Diamond Bypass Cluster Ring

big baguette diamond ring

Although this ring doesn’t have a nature inspired motif, it has many commonalities with the other rings in this post. First, the ring has that wonderful baguette diamond sheen. Second, it uses a cluster setting. Third, it is undeniably newfangled and unique.

Unlike the other rings which evoke feelings of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau eras, this one transports us back to a Retro and Art Deco Era. It uses a stunning abstract, geometric design. However, as it is a bypass ring, it also swoops around curvaceously, taking you to two powerfully entrancing centerpieces. 
big baguette ring

The centerpieces are made from baguette diamonds and the edges feature round brilliants, which adds incredibly vivid contrast. It is done in such a way that it pulls your and keeps your eye fixed in a kaleidoscope world of whiteness and clarity. 

As you can see in the photo, this ring is so well done. Only the finest gem setter and diamond jewelry maker could have created something this breathtaking. That being said, photos can only do so much. If you see this ring in person, expect your jaw to drop and drool to start dribbling. It’s simply perfect in every way.

If you don’t mind standing out, this ring will surely be your favorite choice for an elegant, fancy night out. We guarantee that every time you put this on, it will feel like the first time. It’s a magnificent feeling and one you will always cherish. And someday, your kids or grandkids will too, as this is a certified heirloom, worthy of admiration for generations and generations to come. Timeless in design, and supremely rich in appearance 

Want to make this heirloom bypass diamond ring yours? See the full sales listing, which includes pricing and details about the diamonds, for this 18K White Gold 3.70Ctw Round And Baguette Shape Diamond Bypass Cluster Ring

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