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Why are Platinum Rings a Popular Choice?

Why are Platinum Rings a Popular Choice?

The popular platinum ring

Will it be palladium? Will it be white gold? Or will it be platinum rings? Whatever your choice might be, choosing a metal for an engagement or wedding ring is always a crucial decision to make. This decision is just as crucial as selecting the ideal diamond or style for the ring. That single choice can yield one of the greatest influences on how long the ring lasts. 

Also, do you want a ring that still looks stunning 30 years after you buy it? The truth is most of us do. Also, did you know that platinum metal is one of the only precious metals you can select that’ll still appear sleek and white 30 – 50 – even 100 years after purchase?

Meanwhile, platinum rings do carry a narrowly higher price tag compared to other prominent white metals. Well, there’s an explanation for that. Basically, you pay more for a more reliable ring than the other metals. That way, you have close to nothing to do concerning maintaining this ring in the future. Platinum rings are pieces of jewelry that you can pass down for generations. Here is a ring you never have to bother about.

Thanks to its shiny, silver-colored hue, it’s no surprise platinum is one of the most popular metal choices for fine jewelry and rings.

The platinum metal in jewelry

According to history, this metal became a popular choice for fine jewelry thanks to designer Louis Cartier. He turned to this metal choice toward the end of the 19th century. More so, his creative use of it brought out both its radiance and durability. These platinum rings became increasingly fashionable in the 20th century. As for the present day, it’s many couples’ metal of choice for their engagement and wedding rings.

What is Platinum Metal?

The popular platinum metal

The Platinum metal is a silvery-white premium precious metal held in awe for its radiance. This platinum metal is one of the costliest jewelry metals thanks to its striking look and supreme strength.

For example, jeweler and designer Ryan Atlas pointed out that he gets blown away most times by platinum’s staying power for engagement rings and wedding bands. In his own words, “Although different types of gold have risen and fallen in fashion over time, platinum has maintained a steady fan base for decades for its color, durability, and luster.”

In order to get a thorough insight into the prestige and allure of the platinum rings, we take quotes from an expert in this area.  We mentioned his name already. He is Ryan Atlas, a professional jeweler that works with Brilliant Earth. Ryan Atlas is a creative design professional with years of experience in the jewelry business.

So, are you eager to know why platinum rings make the perfect choice of metal for you? Continue reading for all you need to know about these platinum rings.

Pros and Cons of Platinum Rings

Platinum rings are exceptionally strong and reliable. Atlas says, “It sustains small scratches more easily than other metals and may start to take on a matte appearance. Like fine leather, these scratches actually make platinum jewelry more durable and beautiful.”

Platinum rings

Moreover, platinum metal is inherently hypoallergenic. By this, we mean that it is safe for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Atlas adds, “It’s a versatile choice that will accommodate a variety of metal sensitivities.” 

More so, platinum rings look particularly elegant when set against glittering diamonds. When you add in its timelessness, it becomes easy to see why it’s so in demand out there.

However, one drawback here is its weight. The platinum material is heavier than 14k or 18k gold. These platinum rings may also cost more than gold rings.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing Platinum Engagement Rings

buying platinum rings

Below are a few questions and answers you should consider before paying for your platinum engagement rings.

  • What are the Certifications I Should Look for When Buying Platinum Engagement Rings? 

A real platinum ring should possess an imprint that validates it is platinum. Also, it should indicate the percentage of the platinum composition.

  • What are the grades of platinum purity? 

Platinum engagement rings should list their platinum composition. When it comes marked 950, that suggests it is 95 percent platinum. That number is a high grade of purity. What if there is no mark? This implies that it has less than 50 percent platinum or none at all. 

You will find out that some platinum rings come mixed with palladium. The palladium metal is slightly harder. That texture makes it more scratch-resistant but also more difficult to resize compared to a platinum metal. Again, it is a bit darker in color. It doesn’t have that additional radiance platinum provides.

  • Do platinum rings retain their tone? 

Affirmative! Platinum rings will maintain their color. “That is one advantage they have over white gold, which occasionally needs to be re-plated,” Atlas says.

Taking Proper Care of Platinum Engagement Rings

a radiant platinum ring

Luckily, the Platinum metal is very resistant to corrosion. Thanks to this, it passes as a very low-maintenance metal. Atlas says, “Platinum’s beautiful silvery-white color coupled with its gorgeous shine is one of the reasons it’s so highly sought after. It will also maintain its color over time while other metals can lose theirs as they age.”

By extension, Platinum rings are easy to polish at home. That ease alone can save you time and money. With that, you don’t need to take it to a professional jeweler for cleaning. Simply use a soft cleaner or mild dish soap and warm water to get it cleaned.

Why are Platinum Rings a Popular Choice?

The popular platinum ring

Platinum rings are the most popular choice of precious metal for engagement rings. This edge is with good cause. Several brides and grooms go for platinum engagement rings and wedding sets because of their impressive qualities. 

There is the lasting quality of the metal. That makes it an adored emblem of endless commitment and affection. More so, with cultural associations as being ‘the best of the best,’ the allure of platinum rings is now even bigger than gold for diamond pieces.

Overall, these rings are rare, long-lasting and innately brilliant, and attractive. Therefore, when selecting a metal for your engagement ring, platinum metal is at the top of the list. 

Meanwhile, there are numerous reasons that we constantly recommend platinum rings to anyone looking for a white metal. Below are some of the few lesser know reasons anyone should particularly regard this metal option:

Its Brilliant White Grace

Compared to white gold rings, platinum rings are naturally white in color. For the white gold, they must get plated with rhodium to get that silvery-white glow. Meanwhile, this plating process will require some repeated touch over the years. That way, you can stave off the yellow tones of white gold from appearing. 

Additionally, that inherent white glitter of platinum flawlessly completes the brilliance of a colorless diamond. Also, the light play between the metal and the diamond enriches the general grandness of the piece.

That Durability Advantage

Indeed, both platinum and gold are tough precious metals. Yet, platinum metal possesses a durability edge. This platinum is a ‘sticky’ metal which means it does not wear away. In a case where you scratch platinum, the metal only gets displaced. It does not flake off. 

Also, it can get polished many times without the loss of metal. Recall that with time, gold will become thin as a result of wear and repolishing. That alone causes its prongs to get weak and fragile. Instead of wearing away and getting thin, platinum rings develop a distinctive patina as time goes by. 

Thanks to this, it lends a velvety personality to the metal. Most wearers prefer the softer look of the patina. Nevertheless, if you like your platinum engagement rings shiny, you can simply polish them to their former, radiant splendor.

A Metal of Purity

The Platinum metal ranks between 90% to 95% purity-wise. Also, it is a hypoallergenic metal. With these qualities, many brides go for platinum rings. Why not? Even the subtlest intolerance to alloys (such as nickel in white gold) can lead to a reaction. 

Knowing that gold is so soft, it must get fused with other alloys to make it hard enough for jewelry pieces. For example, 18k gold is only 75% pure with an alloy content of 25%. That makes platinum metal a safer choice for sensitive fingers.

Ease of Use

When selecting an engagement ring, ease of use is of supreme significance. Just like being hypoallergenic, platinum metal is also much lusher compared to gold. Thanks to this, we get a sturdy, weightier feel with this metal choice. When choosing a ring and you wish it could last a lifetime, the extra weight of platinum may be insignificant. Still, it will give a feeling of protection to your precious ring. 

Are you looking for the ultimate ring as regards beauty and comfort? Then, the unique shaped and quilted interior of platinum rings makes them a grand wear without compromising style. 

Care And Sustenance

The Platinum metal is a low maintenance option as it does not need plating. With this ring metal, you can effortlessly care for your platinum rings at home using a soft toothbrush and wiping with a clean cloth.

Can Diamonds Last Forever?

Well, yes! That is why your metal should be as well! Your engagement rings should get worn, enjoyed, and passed on eventually. Choosing platinum is one way to ensure your engagement ring will survive every adventure that may lie ahead. Choose a platinum metal for your engagement ring. The natural, low-maintenance elegance of this ring type and the promise that it will last a lifetime should do. 

More so, it is hard to think long-term when buying a ring. All you see are pieces with a shiny and new look when you are in a store. However, you need to stop and ask, how about 30 years from now, when your ring has experienced some normal wear and tear? Will the metal of your ring hold up against all obstacles?

With platinum rings, you get a naturally white metal that doesn’t require any maintenance in the future. It effortlessly stays in that same color. That is one edge it has over some of its close competitors. As for white gold, which tries to simulate the appearance of platinum, it begins to yellow over time. Hence, it needs regular maintenance to stay the same color. That is one thing you never have to worry about with platinum engagement rings. Your platinum rings never fade or change color as the years pass.

A Generational Piece

Every precious metal eventually shows wear at some point. This list also includes platinum metal. Nonetheless, platinum metal is one of the most enduring precious metals you can select for a ring. This is thanks to its lasting nature, and it’ll wear the best out of any precious metal.

Should your platinum engagement rings get scratched, the metal gets merely displaced. Also, very little metal gets sacrificed. On the flip side, when gold gets scratched, slivers of metal get lost. That leads to faster metal loss. 

The platinum metal will retain its volume over time. Likewise, it generates a warm patina finish that enhances the character of the ring. With the displacement of the metal, the rings get hardened. Also, the platinum rings end up tallying a lifetime of wear and memories on their surface. With that, it becomes a perfect piece of jewelry to pass down to loved ones. By cleaning it properly and the optional polishing, platinum engagement rings will look beautiful as they age.

Overall, platinum rings are also great for family heirlooms. This is because platinum is so much more unique compared to gold. Factually, it’s 30x rarer than gold! Nearly 88 tons of platinum come into use when making platinum rings every year. That is higher when compared to 2,700 tons of gold that gets used. Thanks to its rarity, platinum is precious and will hold its value better over time.


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