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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

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A woman’s engagement ring says a lot about their personal style, but it also reveals much about her personality as well. The ring a woman chooses to wear, or helps her future hubby pick out, can show if she is low-key, high maintenance, or likes her style subtle. So, what does your engagement ring say about you? Here are some ways you can tell.

  1. Round cut – This cut is beautiful, traditional and probably the most commonly chosen cut. The woman who wears this cut is rational and desires longevity. A smaller stone shows that the woman is not too fussy, whereas a larger stone illustrates self-confidence.round engagement ring, round diamond engagement ring, engagement ring boca
  2. Princess cut – Women who choose this cut tend to be trendy, stylish, end enjoy the finer things in life. Now, this may not be true for all of those who choose this cut, but a princess cut’s clean lines and sharp angles indicate a strong personality. One way or the other, the woman who wears this shape won’t settle for less than the best. 1 carat princess cut solitaire, 1 carat princess engagement ring, engagement ring boca
  3. Emerald cut – This cut is old school and not too flashy – literally. This step-cut diamond’s facets are minimal, so it reflects light as more purely black and white flashes, rather than the colorful “fire” found in brilliants. This, combined with the large tables’ necessity for a great clarity grade, make the emerald cut the perfect cut for largediamonds that aren’t ostentatious. The woman who wears this cut has class and she knows it.emerald cut engagement ring, engagement ring boca raton, 2.75ct diamond ring
  4. Pear shaped – A cut like this usually comes with a fun-loving woman. She is spontaneous, adventurous, and always willing to try new things.There’s never a dull moment when you’re around a girl who chooses this cut!1.68ct pear shaped engagement ring, pear shaped engagement ring boca raton
  5. Non-Diamond stone – This cut symbolizes independence to the bold woman who wears it. She loves her fiancé and would like to show her devotion to him, but she will do it on her own terms; conformity isn’t her thing.vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring

It’s important for a woman to receive an engagement ring that represents her personality. Whether she is outgoing, traditional, or super trendy. Raymond Lee Jewelers has a variety of engagement rings to fit any personality. To see the selection we offer, visit our diamond ring page.

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