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Wedding Budget Infographic Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Wedding planning isn’t always easy. Fun? Sometimes. Worth it? Always. But luckily, you’re getting married in the 21st century! And therefore you have not only the experience of those older and wiser that surround you, but everyone who’s ever gotten married ever on the internet. And plenty of experts who are happy to share some of their best tips (fo’ free!) with you on the web. Lucky you! Hopefully your intended used the ‘net to make ring shopping even easier, and now you’re rocking your dream engagement ring. Time to stop staring at what’s on your finger and use it for mouse-clicking: you’ve got planning to do! And we’re sharing some of our favorite planning resources today. One of our most popular posts includes an infographic for how to stick to a wedding budget. We figure that our fabulous Raymond Lee brides (and any other brides who are visiting!) could always use a few more pointers. So click through to check out some of our favorite and most helpful wedding budget infographics.

Tipping can always be a little confusing, especially when even the pros will tell you “it’s at your discretion.” Yes, but you’d like to know what the norm is so you’re not insulting your vendors! This handy guide from Southern Weddings will help you out (although no promises one of your vendors won’t follow you around for the last 15 minutes of your reception hopefully, even if their gratuity was included in their contract.)

This info comes from one of our favorite wedding blogs, Every Last Detail. The insider info from this professional planner is priceless! But she’s happy to tell you what the prices of everything else should be (at least percentage-wise). Sticking to this helpful budget breakdown will help you stay on track and distribute your funds wisely. Check out her site for oodles more great info and tips.

Ever wondered if you could throw a wedding for $10,000 or less? The experts at Belle Journee events insist that yes, you definitely can. They put together this budget breakdown so you know exactly how to make the most of a $10,000 wedding budget.

But regardless of your budget, you likely want an idea of how you should break it up into the necessary expense categories. Or at least the average that most couples spend on each category for their wedding. This wedding budget breakdown shows the average percentage of a budget that couples allocate towards the needed (and not so needed) wedding costs of a modern soiree.

via Jam + Toast

Finally, don’t let any wedding budget surprises creep up on you! Weddings, at least the way they’re portrayed in magazines, movies & online, are expensive. Stick to your budget and avoid sticker shock by monitoring these sneaky budget busters.

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