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Best Wedding Ring Stack Ideas for Summer

The wedding ring stack is already the summer’s biggest hit. Sorry Despacito, but we just want to hit replay on all of our gorgeous wedding bands until we run out of fingers to stack them on.

Once you’re engaged, besides the thrills of wedding planning, you’ll start to check out wedding rings. And this is where the fun really starts. Some brides know they want a wedding ring stack before they’ve ever slipped their engagement ring on their finger. Other brides discover that one, two, three bands is always more fun once they start shopping for a way to complete their bridal set.

The best part about the wedding ring stack is its versatility. Want a band that perfectly matches your engagement ring, no air between the two? Done! Want to make it a double? Perect! You can stack your twin wedding rings sandwich-style on either side of your engagement ring, or let it rest on top of a layer cake of diamonds. Love your ring’s traditional beauty, but want to add a little unconventional style? A unique wedding band (or two) is a great option that you can add to or swap out in a few years with a much lower investment than if you opted for a non-traditional engagement ring. Want to strike a balance between a standout ring and something classic? Again, a wedding ring stack lets you play with colors, textures, gemstones, jewelry eras and styles in a way that’s all your own.

Vintage style or cutting-edge, all one color or mix and match metal, diamonds out the wazoo or some textured metal, we’ve got you covered. Every one of our premium designer engagement ring collections also features breathtaking wedding rings hand crafted to match. But they also play well with others, and we encourage our couples to treat the Diamonds by Raymond Lee showroom like a diamond buffet. Try a little of this, a little of that.

The best wedding ring stack is one you create, perfectly suited to your style. But you know us – we can’t resist showing off some inspiration! Check out a few of our favorite wedding ring stacks for this season. Click on any of the images to shop, and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please e-mail us, call us, or message us on Facebook or Instagram – we’re all yours and ready to serve!

For this stack, we paired a Raymond Lee Jewelers private label halo with two Gabriel & Co. diamond wedding bands.

This stack is Gabriel all the way, with this solitaire engagement ring resting atop its twin wedding ring and a coordinating vintage style wedding ring.

Here’s a beautiful example of mixing and matching – a vintage inspired Gabriel wedding ring with a rose gold A. Jaffe engagement ring and wedding band.

And here’s the same stack, but this time in all rose! Instead of the middle band above, we added one of our gorgeous Henri Daussi wedding rings.

This gorgeous, vintage inspired set of twin wedding bands perfectly sandwiches a modern soft square halo. All are in pristine white gold and diamonds, and all are by the fabulous designers at Gabriel & Co. New York!

Finally, we have to show off this stack of Gabriel & Henri Daussi wedding rings. These two designers are some of our favorites because they mix so well with each other and our other premium designer brands. They also provide a ton of texture, interesting design, and beautiful colored diamonds and gemstones. Another reason we love this shot is because it shows a modern way to wear your rings – all of them! We love the mix of classic, BIG diamonds (that you may not want to wear a band with anyway, because of its size) plus a fashion-forward fine jewelry ring, then a stack of collected favorites on another finger altogether. There’s no wrong way to do a wedding ring stack, not when your rings come from Diamonds by Raymond Lee!

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