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Top 10 Ways to Clean Antique Jewelry

Top 10 Ways to Clean Antique Jewelry

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Anyone looking to restore old jewelry for sale or for personal use will likely want to find out more information about how to clean it soon. This will be an invaluable asset for most people out there, who are likely thinking about how they can restore its original look. This will quickly improve the overall value of the jewelry, which will be a valuable consideration for people to keep in mind.

How to clean antique jewelry

1. Choose A Soft Cloth

This may be one of the most valuable steps for people to consider, since it can prevent adding scratches. Most people will want to check out how they can actually use this to help store the jewelry as well. The cloth can be used as a barrier against wood storage boxes or other containers.

2. Avoid Using Alcohol Or Ammonia

These two chemicals can be very damaging to different types of jewelry out on the market. Unfortunately, many types of commercial cleaners will tend to use some of these ingredients. It will be up to people to think about how they can actually check the list of ingredients beforehand, which can help them choose safe cleaners for the job.

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3. Inspect For Dirt Or Grit

Most owners will want to try to minimize the time and effort that they spend cleaning their jewelry sets. They can save themselves a fair bit of time when they think about how they can work with the set. This can help owners choose the best techniques to clean out the dirt in place.

4. Use A Soft Toothbrush

This can be a great option for anyone wanting to try to localize the way that they tend to clean their jewelry sets. They should try to avoid using harsher bristles, since this can damage different types of component parts. But this could be a valuable tool to have for the job.

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5. Polish

Polishing jewelry can quickly help bring back its shine, which will no doubt help people get the best overall look possible. Owners may want to check out some polishing kits that are for sale.

6. Schedule Regular Cleanings

Owners may want to think about how often they might want to clean their jewelry. They should try to keep a record of how often they decide to clean their jewelry, which is a valuable consideration. They may want to work with a professional who can help them understand more about how this can work.

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7. Store Jewelry Properly

This can actually be an invaluable consideration that many people will need to keep in mind going forward. They should think about how they can prevent the accumulation of dust or wear on their sets.

8. Dry Off Jewelry

When using a solution to clean jewelry, many people will want to think about how they can best dry it off. This can help prevent harsh cleaners from actually damaging the sets over time. It can also help prevent the onset of rust or other issues.

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9. Use Windex Occasionally

For some types of jewelry, most people will want to think about how they can actually use Windex. This can be a great choice for people looking to just quickly clean up their sets and get them clean again.

10. Hire A Professional

When looking to sell jewelry sets, many people will want to think about how they can hire on a professional to handle this process. This could prove to be a valuable investment, since it can substantially improve the resale price.


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