Top 5 Watches for Him This Christmas

Are you looking to wow the special men on your Christmas and Hanukkah lists this year? There’s no better way to give them the best holiday ever than a beautiful luxury watch. And with our huge selection of luxury pre-owned watches, you can get him the watch of his dreams for less than retail.

You can also take advantage of our December financing incentives, while enjoying Raymond Lee Jewelers’ 30 day money back guarantee and our one year watch warranties.

But enough about us, back to the watches. There are a few watches that are perennial favorites at our store. From Rolex to TAG Heuer, there are some watches that every RLJ man has his eye on. And this December, you can snap one up to stuff in his stocking and celebrate a holiday you’ll never forget.

Rolex 16200 Datejust White Roman Dial Stainless Steel Watch

First up, this beautiful Rolex 16200 Datejust. This beautiful stainless steel “S” serial number is a gorgeous gift for anyone this year. The pristine white dial features Roman numerals, and the smooth stainless steel bezel is a sleek touch on the 36mm case, housing an automatic Rolex movement. The oyster steel bracelet is modern and sporty against the roman numeral dial.

Breitling E73360 Avenger M1 Chronograph Titanium Watch

This Breitling is a rugged addition to any guy’s wrist, and at $2,995 is a great deal for a luxury watch. The Breitling E73360 Avenger M1 Chronograph has a black dial, and matte Titanium unidirectional bezel. The sizable case measures 44mm, and houses an automatic movement. The chunky titanium bracelet is secured with a double foldover clasp.

Rolex 14060 Submariner Non-Date Black Dial Steel Watch

The Rolex Submariner is on every young guy’s wish list. This beautiful, but rugged timepiece, is actually a little different. This is the 14060 Non-Date with an N serial number. The case is a nicely sized 44mm, and is stainless. The black dial is outfitted with sleek lumi markers and the black stainless steel unidirectional bezel shows off the Sub’s signature 60 minute graduations that allow a diver to safely monitor dive time and decompression stops. The stainless oyster bracelet comes with dive suit extension.

Rolex Explorer II 16570 Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Next up, this Rolex Explorer II 16570 also features a black dial (the color du jour) and Unidirectional stainless steel rotating bezel. The dial’s stainless steel hands and lump markers allow the date window to shine prominently, and the stainless steel bracelet features a locking foldover clasp.

Tudor 75204 Date MOP Diamond Dial Steel Watch

If your guy prefers something a little more lustrous (or if you’re looking for something you can borrow when the mood strikes you) this Tudor mother of pearl dial is perfect. It’s a Rolex Tudor Date 75204 with a fluted stainless steel fixed bezel. The MOP dial features diamond markers, while the slim 36mm case is held by a Stainless steel Jubilee band.

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