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The Verragio Ring You Need to Know About

The Verragio Ring You Need to Know About

Everything you need to know about this ring

At least once a week (and usually more often) we get requests for more information on this beautiful custom engagement ring we created for one one of our customers.

 Everything you need to know about this ringIt’s stunning and unique, and was a re-mount of a customer’s diamond. She knew she wanted a halo for her 5 carat radiant cut, and she knew she wanted something different. She fell in love with our Verragio rings the moment she saw them, but she was looking for an even bigger impact. So we thought that adding a Verragio wedding band to the ring and soldering them together would be the perfect fit.

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We used a custom head on the ring to accommodate her large diamond, and because this particular ring only comes in a round shape we needed to go custom anyway. That’s the beauty of Verragio, you can take one of their hundreds of designs and make it totally your own, changing every element to your liking. We also chose the platinum option for this customer, to make the ring even more luxurious. The grand total for a set like this is about $10,000, without the center stone.

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We started with Verragio’s Insignia halo setting, which starts at $5,200 for 18 karat white gold, but can be changed to rose gold, yellow gold, or two-tone gold in either combination:

Verragio Halo engagement ring in white goldThen we added a different head to shape the halo to the radiant cut center stone, which was a custom job (we can create a custom shape for whatever diamond you’d like!) Because she wanted a ring with major impact, we chose the wedding band that matches this ring to give the ring the look of a triple shank engagement ring:

Verragio Wedding Ring

If you love the look of this ring, but don’t love the price tag, we can customize the ring to better suit your budget.

Verragio Halo engagement ring

  • White gold will cost significantly less than platinum.
  • Rose gold will cost less than white gold, but there may be a molding fee for this metal alloy, depending on the size and shape of the diamond you select.
  • Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a flat rate for a carat weight of diamond (I.E. “How much would this ring be with a 2 carat diamond instead?” Diamond prices depend on so much more than their carat weight, so you need to have all your criteria in mind when asking for quotes.
  • Use our diamond search tool to get an idea of how much the diamond you’d like will cost.
  • If you are looking for a great deal on a beautiful diamond and want to maximize your budget, read this. In the mean time, search for a diamond between G-J in color, VS2-SI1 in clarity, and with a carat weight a few points shy of ideal. So a 1.38 carat diamond instead of a 1.5 carat, for example. This will show you the range in prices between diamonds, and will give you a selection of stones that are good quality and the best bang for your buck.
  • Call us! If you really want to make this ring happen, but you aren’t sure how to, give us a call. We’ll be happy to chat with you about the different ways we can meet your budget, even if you’re just researching and starting your engagement ring search.
  • If you’ve already got a diamond and you want to re-mount it in this setting, you’re half way there. Give us a call and we can give you quotes for your diamond’s size, shape, and the different metal(s) you want.

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If you find yourself almost loving rings, finding gorgeous rings that fall just short, or you wish this one ring had parts of another, you’re probably a perfect candidate for a custom engagement ring. And with Verragio that doesn’t mean starting from scratch!

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We know it can be scary to trust that your vision will go from your mind to the designer to the sketch to your finger just perfectly (although our designer Richard is amazing!) But with Verragio you can physically see each element separately and envision what the finished product will look like. It’s mix and match custom for the bride who doesn’t like surprises, even the very best kind.

We love this ring, and it’s one of our favorite custom jobs. We do custom work like this all the time – just no ring has captured public affection quite like this one has!


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