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A Legacy to Pass On: 10 Aspects that Make Rolex Unlike Other Luxury Watch

A Legacy to Pass On: 10 Aspects that Make Rolex Unlike Other Luxury Watch

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Those who belong to the upper echelon of society will have at least one Rolex watch in their jewelry box. Even those who are gainfully employed choose to save up for a Rolex. After all, Rolex is akin to a Lamborghini of watches. It is eye-catching, elegant, and expensive. It is no wonder then that those who barely make ends meet also dream of owning a Rolex.

The profound respect and esteem for this brand is not surprising at all as Rolex is more than just a watch but a statement piece. For those who are wondering why others spend so much for something very little that just goes on the wrist, when time doesn’t change no matter the brand, consider these ten aspects that make used Rolex unlike other luxury watches.

The Quality of the Rolex Steel is Unbeatable 

Any piece of Rolex watch will be crafted from a unique steel material that no other brand utilizes in their manufacturing. Stainless steel varies in grade, and other watches use the lower grade 316L. the Rolex brand only uses the best and they have made it a habit to stick to the grade of steel that 904L.

Through the years, Rolex has perfected working with this material from polishing it or making it matte depending on the watch model. Most brands do not use it because it is more costly. Reverting to this steel also requires changing all equipment and re-training the staff, which others do not do. Some even outsource their materials. This makes Rolex on of a kind and totally above the rest of the brands out there.

A High Tech Laboratory is Within Rolex’s Hallowed Walls

This prestigious brand has its own research and development team that is responsible for experimenting with different metals and designs. They have several laboratories that are equipped with the most advanced machinery, and these are all handled by knowledgeable scientists and technicians with years of experience.

They experiment on lubricating oils and other materials that they use on their watches during the manufacturing process, so they can make tweaks and improvements. There’s also a stress area where they abuse these watches to ensure that their clients will indeed have a used Rolex that will last not just their lifetime but even forever. The goal of owning this watch brand is to pass it on to the next generation, which is why it is deemed as an investment piece.

The Movements of a Rolex are Assembled and Tested by Hand

At this day and age where most things are manufactured by machine for ease of production, used Rolex still relies on a manual and hands-on approach for the most crucial parts of their watch making process. They do have the most high tech machinery in the world for certain tasks, but those that require precision are only touched by human hands. All used Rolex watches are set by a trained professional’s hand.

They Have Their Own Foundry and Forge Their Own Gold

This is a major wow factor because most brands just source and buy their gold from a third party supplier. Rolex kicks it up a notch by making their own gold from 18k to 24k. Platinum is also crafted by an in-house team. Because of this, the brand is able to assure that their clients will undoubtedly receive nothing but topnotch materials. To date, used Rolex is the only known watch brand across the glove with an in-house foundry.

Technology has Been Embraced by this Watchmaker

The philosophy of Rolex is to not lose the human touch, after all, humans are still better in some aspects than machines. However, there are certain things that machines will do better, and for that aspect, used Rolex only uses the best tech and the top-of-the-line equipment that’s out there. They have invested on expensive robotic machines to guarantee precision engineering. Many of Rolex’s tiny parts are initially polished by a machine before they are finished by hand. This ascertains the every Rolex timepiece is produced by infallible workmanship.

The Rolex Headquarters Puts Fort Knox to Shame

To say that security is top notch at the Rolex headquarters is a huge understatement. Because the have billions of dollars within their compound, all employees have to go on a security check and clearance before they can enter or exit the building. They even have a bank vault door that only works with an eye scanner. Rolex puts a premium on their security, which should not surprise anyone, after all one watch is akin to a house down payment or maybe even more.

Dive Watches Undergo a Pressurized Tank Test with Real Water

All Rolex models undergo a test to double-check that they are water resistant. This is conducted with an air pressure tank several times. Dive watches are tested with higher parameters. After being tested for air pressure to check for water resistance, all Submariners and Deep Sea watches are submerged in tubes of water. Submariners must be able to handle a grade of 300 meters and even more so for the Deep Sea Model which is given a pressure equal to a staggering twelve thousand meters.

Gemologists About at Rolex

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rolex has a gemological department. These professionals ensure that diamond and precious gems that they adorn their watches are all genuine and top of the line in terms of specs like carat, clarity, cut, etc. Keep in mind that every detail about the gems or diamonds placed on a watch is selected and set by hand. Their level of craftsmanship is indubitable.

It Takes 365 Days to Make a Single Rolex Timepiece

Indeed, it takes a long time to make one Rolex timepiece, just as Rome was not built in a day. No shortcuts are made in the process of manufacturing a watch, since they want to ensure quality. Even though used Rolex produces a million watches in a year, those who buy this brand can only expect the best of the best.

Most About This Brand is Not Outsourced

In this era of outsourcing to ensure faster and cheaper production, Rolex has stuck to their guns and still prefer to make most of their stuff in-house. Only the sapphire crystal is sourced, but the rest like the dials, bracelets, gold touches, movement, and more are all produced by their own team of experts. As the adage goes: if you want it done right, then you have to do it yourself. Rolex abides by this standard because they are unparalleled when it comes to watch production.

It is evident that Rolex is indeed a major step up above their competition. Many watch brands have come and gone, but Rolex is here to stay. And by the looks of it, Rolex will stay for more centuries to come because no one can put a good, quality brand down. Those who purchased a Rolex can rest assured that their watch will be a part of their legacy, which can be handed down from generation to generation. Now, in this instant world where everything is disposable, used Rolex remains to a quality product that anyone can trust.


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